Friday, August 6, 2010

Quinn's visit to Nana and Papa's

Hi's Quinn again! This time I'm going to tell you about my trip to visit Nana and Papa. They are Daddy's parents. They came to see us last Saturday because Daddy's birthday was soon. When they went back home, I went with them, and Nana brought me home after a few days. I got to go to their new church and visit some of my family.

Nana knows how much I love my Magna Doodle so she made sure that Mommy packed it.

This is my cousin David. He is only 3 months older than me. He's a lot of fun. He has a big brother named Trey and a big sister named Rebecca. He only lives a few minutes from Nana and Papa. Sometimes he stays with Nana and Papa for the whole day. When he goes to school, Nana gets to pick him up too.

On Monday, it was just me and Nana and Trey. Nana took us to a park so I could play. We tried to go see some animals at the nature center but the doors were locked. Nana said they were closed on Mondays but she didn't know it. It was ok because I love playgrounds. There is one right behind Nana's house too, but this one is much bigger. Look how big the slides are!

I really liked playing with Trey. He is a big boy. He just had a birthday and he was 12! Not many 12 year olds would want to play with a little guy like me, but Trey is used to it because of David. Nana thought it was funny that I tried to do everything Trey was doing. It was like having a big brother of my own!

There was this big pile of little rocks and shells and stuff. Nana said you could sift through it and find cool rocks or shells. I preferred to run to the top of the pile and then jump down! Maybe next time we can bring a shovel or sifter and try to find treasures.

We also found some dinosaur bones. Nana told me that this was another kind of animal that God made but they aren't alive anymore. She also said that someone found his bones in the ground and laid them out so we could see what it probably looked like. I don't know much more about dinosaurs, but I know they can ROAR!

On Tuesday, Nana was really brave and let me and David play together at her house all day! Trey came over too and he helped Nana watch us. When David got to Nana's, we shared a waffle breakfast!

Nana has a little park behind her house. There is a playground and a place to walk around a track and also this water place. It is so cool because the water comes out of the ground and splashes you. When we went to Nana's house in June, they water park was being built, but now you can play. It was so much fun!

Dear Nana and Papa,

Thank you for letting me come to your house for a few days. It was my first time staying with you without Mommy and Daddy. I had so much fun at your house and I want to come every summer too! I love you!

Love, Quinn


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun at Nana's and Papa's. I know they enjoyed you as much as we did.


Kim said...

Dear Quinn,

Sounds like another great week of adventure with your Grandparents. Cousins are lots of fun too.

Claire's Mom

Andrea said...

Dear Quinn ~

I want a water park in my back yard!!! It looks like you had a REALLY good time!!

Miss Andrea
Your Sunday School Teacher : )