Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rolling Along

Jacob has learned to roll over!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Meeting Aunt Fran

Buddy's sister Fran, who lives in Ohio, was passing through on her way to his parent's house, so we went to Dawn's house to see her.  This was Fran's first time seeing Jacob in person.  We had a nice meal and enjoyed the fellowship. I just wish the visit could have been longer.

I also got this cute picture. Fran's daughter Mackenzie is the oldest grandchild on Buddy's side of the family. She will be Sweet 16 this fall. Jacob is grandchild #10! 

4 month update on Jacob

I can hardly believe my baby is already four months old! 

We went for his check up and shots today and here's the update.

Height: 25-3/4 inches (78%)
Weight: 16 lb 3 oz (74%)

For fun, Quinn's stats at this age were 27 inches (95%) and 15 lb 4 oz (65%).

What has Jacob been up to the past two months?

During month 3 he got his first teeth! Both of the front, bottom teeth came in. He was extremely cranky for a couple days and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I finally noticed how swollen his lower gums were and then it hit me....extra drool and fussiness always meant teeth for Quinn. I was so shocked the next day when I saw little white dots poking out of Jacob's gums! Even Dr. Paynter was surprised to see two teeth already!

Jacob has also learned to roll over, back to tummy. He really holds himself up when he's on his tummy now and enjoys tummy-time much more than he used to.

He "sings" a lot, making sweet little cooing sounds. I have the rolling and singing on video and I am going to attempt to post that one day soon.

He takes a 6 ounce bottle.

He is figuring out how to grasp objects, particularly his pacifier and burp cloths. Although very recently (like yesterday) he is trying to "grasp" my hair and my glasses (if I'm wearing them).

He follows his brother like a hawk. Whatever Quinn is doing or wherever Quinn is going, Jacob has to know what Brother is up to.  And when he sees Quinn, Jacob's smile lights up the room.

Jacob has also started to use his exersaucer, although he hasn't learned to jump around in it yet.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun at the Pool

My friend and co-worker, Beth, invited the boys and me to come swimming with her at her family's pool the other day.  After spending time with Aunt Dawn at her pool, Quinn is feeling much more comfortable in the water these days.

We got there in time for a picnic lunch and some fun. Jacob was a good boy to nap and play in the pack-n-play while Quinn and I played with Beth and her two children in the water.

We had a great time! Thanks Beth for your hospitality and friendship!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Silly boys and Smart phones go hand in hand!

Are kids these days smarter than they were when I was that age?

Or are "smart phones" not so smart?

Because if my 4 year old can figure out how to take pictures and make videos, one of those sentences must be the truth.

One day after running errands, I found a series of 21 pictures and 2 videos on my phone that I did not take. One look at these pictures will let you know who did.

Not only did he figure out how to take the pictures, but he found the feature that "switches" the camera so you don't have to turn it around to take self-portraits.  I remember it being extra quiet in the back seat that day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The one in which I prove just how far I will go to show my love for my son

The boys and I went to Walmart the other day to get a few items, including a new cooler for Buddy to use at work. With Jacob in the car seat inside the buggy, there was no room for the cooler, so Quinn got to be Mommy's helper and pull the cooler through the store. Normally I make him ride in big stores when I'm by myself or if we are in a hurry because it's easier that way. So he thought he was a cool dude being able to walk through the store.

And he was being a good helper....until we saw the balls.

Walmart is so thoughtful to strategically place large bins of balls of various sizes throughout the store, so children will see them and scream their heads off until the parents give in and buy one. At an impulse purchase of $2-$3 apiece, that can add up to a lot of extra money each year for Walmart! Good marketing strategy.

*Ahem*  Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, the balls. And Quinn politely asked if he could have one.

Did we need another ball at our house? Nope.

Had he been a good helper? Yep. He pulled that cooler through the whole store, stayed right beside or behind me, and never ran into me or any of the other shoppers.

So I decided yes, he could choose a ball.

However, this time Walmart Marketing came up with an even better idea. Not only have they decided to place the balls in a strategic place (right by the registers) they added the element of public embarrassment.

You see, these were the largest balls I've ever seen sold at Walmart, so they needed a special display....an above-ground swimming pool. I'm not good on dimensions, but I would say the pool was about 8 feet in diameter and was almost up to my hips (and I'm short), so it was probably 3-3.5 feet high.

Quinn picked the one he wanted....blue with orange polka dots.  He's gonna make a good Clemson Tiger one day!

But for now, I think he's secretly part of the Walmart Marketing team, because the ball he chose was in the exact center of the pool.

Yes, yes, it was.

I tried the easy approach and suggested a plain blue or a plain orange ball, both of which were within easy reach.

Not good enough.

So I did what any good mother would do......

Yup....I climbed in that pool and got the ball for my boy!

Not because he pitched a fit for it.

Not because other people were watching to see what I would do.

But because I love him!

(I did have to pull the cooler with one hand and push the buggy with the other, but that's another story!)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

We spent July 4th celebrating at Dawn's house. We are so grateful to have family close by, even if they are 45 minutes away.  Dawn and her family are members at a pool so we spent the afternoon there, enjoying some time in the water and 25 cent hot dogs! I didn't get any pictures at the pool, but cousin Tre won a pie eating contest, and cousin Ethan won for his age-group in a belly-flop contest! That was fun to watch. Afterwards, we went to their house for a hamburger cookout.

This was Jacob's first 4th, so he wore a special outfit and a special bib. ( Just for fun, I'm including the picture of Quinn on his first 4th, too!)