Monday, July 30, 2012

4 month update on Jacob

I can hardly believe my baby is already four months old! 

We went for his check up and shots today and here's the update.

Height: 25-3/4 inches (78%)
Weight: 16 lb 3 oz (74%)

For fun, Quinn's stats at this age were 27 inches (95%) and 15 lb 4 oz (65%).

What has Jacob been up to the past two months?

During month 3 he got his first teeth! Both of the front, bottom teeth came in. He was extremely cranky for a couple days and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I finally noticed how swollen his lower gums were and then it hit me....extra drool and fussiness always meant teeth for Quinn. I was so shocked the next day when I saw little white dots poking out of Jacob's gums! Even Dr. Paynter was surprised to see two teeth already!

Jacob has also learned to roll over, back to tummy. He really holds himself up when he's on his tummy now and enjoys tummy-time much more than he used to.

He "sings" a lot, making sweet little cooing sounds. I have the rolling and singing on video and I am going to attempt to post that one day soon.

He takes a 6 ounce bottle.

He is figuring out how to grasp objects, particularly his pacifier and burp cloths. Although very recently (like yesterday) he is trying to "grasp" my hair and my glasses (if I'm wearing them).

He follows his brother like a hawk. Whatever Quinn is doing or wherever Quinn is going, Jacob has to know what Brother is up to.  And when he sees Quinn, Jacob's smile lights up the room.

Jacob has also started to use his exersaucer, although he hasn't learned to jump around in it yet.

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Good pictures of our boys!!!

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