Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby Jacob

A couple of weeks ago, we started getting the nursery ready for Baby Jacob's arrival.  I saved almost EVERYTHING from when Quinn was a baby, so most of what we had to do involved going into the attic and getting things down.

I decided to use the same bedding ensemble, which eliminated the need to repaint the room.

The only new thing we had to do was put Jacob's name on the wall.  I painted the letters the same color I used for Quinn's name.  Buddy and I were in the midst of getting them hung on the wall when we heard Quinn ask what we were doing. We told him and he said "I'll be right back." He ran out and came back with his toy hammer because he wanted to do this:

Quinn couldn't quite figure out why his plastic hammer wasn't getting the nails hammered in, but the idea that he wanted to help us was so sweet!  He is going to be one amazing big brother!  I cannot wait to see what he thinks of Baby Jacob, who will be here in about 3-4 weeks!!!

He's a Top Shot

Buddy loves to watch the show Top Shot on the History Channel.  It's a reality-TV/game show/shooting competition.  This is one of his shows that I don't mind watching at all. The host of the show is Super Cute Colby who was on several seasons of Survivor (another of our favorite shows).  It combines my favorites...reality TV and game show....with Buddy's favorite...guns and lots of explosions.

Quinn has become a fan of the show himself!  He loves to watch "Shot Shot".  We got him some toy guns for his 3rd birthday...fake revolvers with a holster and a fake shot gun. When the show comes on, he goes and gets his guns. He watches to see which type of gun they are using that week on the show, and then he picks one of his guns to use too. If they lay down to shoot, he lays down to shoot. If they stand up, he stands up.  He totally mimics whatever the players are doing. And if they hit the target, he thinks his "shooting" made the target explode!

I caught him playing Shot Shot the other day!
And then the next week, he asked his daddy to play with him....Buddy is a good sport!

I love these boys, and if watching a gun show will bring us closer, then so be it!