Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Memories.....of the way we were

One day while I was at my parents' house over Christmas, I pulled out a bunch of old pictures and started looking through them. Many of the pictures were ones I had seen before. I love looking at old pictures. Buddy and I had a fun time laughing at pictures of my parents when they were dating and newly married. They got married in 1976, so you can imagine what the clothes and hair styles looked like. Some of the pictures I had seen so many times before, and since I've heard the stories, it's almost like those pictures are "memories" for me. Especially pictures of my Grandpa, my mom's father. He died when I was just a little bit older than Quinn, so I do not remember him at all. Because I've seen pictures and heard stories about him, I feel as though I have memories of him.

There was one box of pictures that we went through that I had never seen before. In this box were a lot of pictures of my grandmother and her sisters. They were all pretty close in age, so there were a ton of pictures of them as young women, looking like 1940's models! But in this box I found some pictures of my grandparents, two of which I had never seen.

This is my Grandpa, taken around 1943 or 1944. My Grandpa joined the Navy after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Shortly after that, he was sent to Baltimore, Maryland, and later to the Pacific. He spent the majority of his time overseas on the island of Okinawa. He drove PT boats, the little ones that take the sailors from the big ship to the mainland. When they were at the naval base, Grandpa was the chauffeur for the Admiral! This is his official Navy portrait.

This is my Grandma. I had never before seen this picture. She didn't remember exactly when this was taken, but I figured it must have been the same time Grandpa had his picture made. The background is the same, and on the back of the pictures, the name of a photography studio is the same. So this is probably also from 1943-1944.

This next picture is another one I had never seen before. This is Grandpa, on what we think is Okinawa Island, although we aren't sure. Grandma said he was on several islands, but was on Okinawa the most. You can see the palm trees in the background as well as some of the military vehicles. I cannot wait to meet this man when I get to Heaven. While I am most looking forward to seeing my Lord, I am also looking forward to seeing Grandpa! I was the only grandchild he ever met in person (another cousin had been born, but he never saw her), and from what they tell me, I was his pride! He was a good man and he loved the Lord. (And yes, he was tall, as you can see from this picture).

This final picture is probably my most favorite of all the old pictures. This picture is another one of my Grandmother. Grandpa carried this picture with him the entire time he was in the war. Grandma and Grandpa grew up together in the same neighborhood, went all through school together, and were high school sweethearts. She told me that they would pass each other love notes in the hallway at school! They were married over 40 years until Grandpa went home to Heaven. But he carried this picture with him every day that he was gone from her! Isn't that sweet?

I love learning about my family from old photographs. I love seeing what family members looked like when they were kids and young adults. I love hearing the stories behind the pictures. It makes me feel close to my family, even the ones I've never met!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We're Making Progress

We've been making progress around here lately.

My hand is all back to normal. Well, normal plus what will become a nifty new scar. Since the last time I posted, my 5 stitches got infected and made my hand swell. I ended up back at the doctor, who removed my stitches about four days early. He got all the nasty out of my finger but deemed it too infected to re-stitch. Instead, I got antibiotic pills to take for 10 days, and as a bonus parting gift, I got an antibiotic shot! I was all prepared for a shot to the arm, when the nurse turned to me and sweetly said "Honey, I'm going to need you to roll over!" Who knew they put those types of shots in your butt? Other than a scab and a little bit of tenderness, it's pretty much back to normal.

Quinn is making progress too! Potty progress that is. He will still sit on it for me and has even used it a few times. At school, though, he won't go near them! It's a combination of factors I think. For one, the potty at school looks nothing like our potty at home. We've got a cute one that looks like a king's throne and plays a magical tune when you are successful. The potty at school looks like a miniature version of a real toilet. It also doesn't have a back to it, so the kids have to hold themselves up. Unlike at home, where the "throne" has a back to it. Also, the one at home doesn't flush. The ones at school do. So up until this week he wouldn't go near them. One of his teachers is on vacation, so a teacher from another room has been pulled into his for the week. Miss Pam was not only able to get Quinn in the bathroom, but she has gotten him to actually sit on it! So, that's progress.

Quinn is also making progress on his learning. He can name a lot of colors (red, green, yellow, blue, purple, and white). He can name a lot of letters (A, B, C, D, E, G, I, L, M, O, P, Q, R, U, Y, Z). He can name some of his numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 9). And when I say "name them", I mean when we are walking through the grocery store and he sees a number on a price tag. Or if we are driving down the road and he sees a letter on a sign. Or if I ask him what color my jacket is and he says "purple". His regular teacher Miss Michelle commented on Friday how good he was with his colors, naming some that other kids could not!! That's progress!

And finally, there's been progress on the talking front! Quinn has just started to talk more in the past few weeks. In the back of my mind, I've been afraid of the impact of all the ear infections he has had. Seven or eight in a little less than a year's time had me a little concerned. Since he's had tubes put in back in September, his talking has slowly increased. At his 2-year check up, Quinn's pediatrician didn't seem concerned. The teacher in me knows that early detection of a delay is key to helping improve a child's ability, so you can probably understand how I've been feeling. He has just exploded with words over the past few weeks. I think a lot of it may be that he's now in a class with kids who talk. Some of it may be that it is finally his "time" to talk. Whatever it is, I just praise the Lord for answering a prayer! Sure, there are times when it all sounds like babbling. Other times I can pick out a word or two mixed in with the babbles. And then there are times when I know exactly what he's saying. Either way, I'm just glad he's talking!'s a good thing!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The knife I can no longer use

This post is just for you Heather! You wanted to see the knife, so here it is.

I put a regular knife beside it just so you can get a feel for how big this knife is. And let me assure you, when it's not slicing through fingers, it is a wonderful knife. It's probably the best knife we've ever had....and I'll probably never use it again. I am actually a little scared of it now. This was the second time I cut myself with it, although the first one was fixed with just a band-aid.

And, Andrea, I am NOT going to post pics of my finger! At least the stitches are clear! The doctor's office had ordered the wrong type and were trying to use them up. I have more motion in the finger today, but it is still very tender to the touch and a little bruised. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree....

You read in my last post about my mishap with a sharp knife this week.

Check out my son's sweet face....and the lovely bruise he came home from school with yesterday!

Apparently he wasn't sitting down with everyone during "circle time", which I think is when they do their songs and finger plays. He was hopping around and hopped into the corner of a toy shelf. I guess he better learn to listen to his teachers, huh?

Like the saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and unfortunately, this apple is bruised! I love you son, but I hope you don't grow up to be as clumsy as your momma! comments about the fact my 2-year-old is still using his paci. We are slowly working on this.... :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer....

...but I know what it shouldn't be used for....cutting fingers!

I spent last night at the Urgent Care getting stitches, thanks to this sharp knife. It's actually a very good knife, but I get nervous using it. So when I was washing it yesterday afternoon, I guess I was thinking too much about how careful I should be, because the next thing I know, it was cutting into my finger. It cut where the knuckle of your first finger connects to the hand. I saw layers of skin that should never be exposed! Buddy had not gotten home yet, but I knew that a Band-Aid wasn't the solution this time.

I was about to start making Quinn's supper, but then this happened. My sweet neighbor, Cookie, came over to help me make his plate, and then helped me get him in his seat. All this time I'm still trying to get the bleeding to stop. Buddy hurried home and took me to the doctor, who confirmed that yes, it did need stitches. Luckily, I didn't sever any tendons. I will be honest with you, I screamed and cried during the part where they numbed my finger. That area is just so sensitive. And yes, I'm a wimp when it comes to needles, shots, etc. And yes, they gave me a tetanus shot too.

I am sporting 5 lovely stitches for the next 7-10 days. You will not believe how hard it is to do the simplest things when you can't use your index finger. Everyday, mindless tasks become instantly difficult. And I feel as if someone has beat my hand with a hammer several times.

I'm just glad I didn't cut my finger off! Buddy is going to take this knife and put it on the top shelf. Since I'm short, I won't be able to reach it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today I have been re-living the past. Some memories are enjoyable and when they come to mind, you can remember the moment or event and smile. Some memories should just stay where they the past. Yet at this time every year, my mind takes me back to March 3, 2007. This is not a day I typically enjoy remembering, but this is a day that I can't seem to get it off my mind. So, I apologize that this won't be one of my usual perky blog posts. Please indulge me the right to just get some thoughts off my chest.

March 3, 2007 was probably the hardest day of my life. This was the day my first baby went to Heaven. This baby left the world at only 9 weeks gestation. I never even got to hear the heartbeat. I have no idea if this baby would have been a boy or a girl or what he or she would have looked like. I have so many unanswered questions that I will not know until I join this child in Heaven. Sometimes I feel guilty when I wonder what this child could have been, since I was blessed with my wonderful Quinn. Sometimes I think, why are you wondering about this, look at what you do have. But then my heart reminds me that this was a child....this was my child.

This child will never know the world like we know it. This child will never know what pain is like, or heartache, or suffering. This child will spend his or her entire life at the feet of Jesus! This child has already seen our Saviour. This child will be there when I get to Heaven.

But this child taught me something. This child taught me how strong I can truly be. This child taught me how to love unconditionally. This child reminded me that even when you are in the worst storm of your life, God is right there in the midst of it with you, and at just the right moment He will give you the peace you need. Going through my miscarriage was very hard for me, physically and emotionally. I praise the Lord for being by my side during those difficult moments, and days that followed. I praise the Lord for a loving, caring husband who was also by my side during those difficult times.

Sweet little Heaven baby, I think about you often and hope you know how much you were loved. I can't wait to one day meet you in Heaven.