Saturday, March 6, 2010

The knife I can no longer use

This post is just for you Heather! You wanted to see the knife, so here it is.

I put a regular knife beside it just so you can get a feel for how big this knife is. And let me assure you, when it's not slicing through fingers, it is a wonderful knife. It's probably the best knife we've ever had....and I'll probably never use it again. I am actually a little scared of it now. This was the second time I cut myself with it, although the first one was fixed with just a band-aid.

And, Andrea, I am NOT going to post pics of my finger! At least the stitches are clear! The doctor's office had ordered the wrong type and were trying to use them up. I have more motion in the finger today, but it is still very tender to the touch and a little bruised. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes!


Andrea said...

i'm not good at knives so this one would definitely be out of the question for use...and the kitchen! THANK YOU, again, for not posting pictures of your finger! haha!

Ashley Beth said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing. I bet it's hard to do stuff one finger down =) You definitely need to stay far far away from that knife. And poor Quinn - that's quite the goose egg on his noggin :(

I hope you both heal quickly!

Heather said...

thats not a knife...thats a weapon!!!

Angie Tullock said...

That looks like Chicago Cutlery. We have that same knife and they are sharp!!
So glad you didn't cut your finger off with it:) Hope you heal quickly.

Diane Teague said...

Oh no!!! I have this knife. Someone gave it to me for my 60th birthday. Do you think they were trying to tell me something?????

Kimberly said...

The knife in question was a free gift that came with our set of pots and pans that we purchased last year. I have no idea what brand it is, so Angie and Diane, you may be safe after all!