Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here are a few fall pictures to share. We tried to make it to the pumpkin patch, like we did last year. Unfortunately, it was super cold, and my camera died after about three pictures, but I did manage to get a few decent ones.
I'm not sure what he was trying to say here, but he was checking out both the pumpkins and all the cars driving by.
This was the last picture I was able to get that day, but what a good one! It's just so classic.
Tonight we took Quinn to a few neighbors' houses for Trick-or-Treating. We also went to a Trunk-or-Treat at a church near our house. Our fire station does a lot of community service with this church, so we decided to it helped us stay out of the rain. ***(Side rained almost every Halloween of my childhood....go figure.)***
Here he is in his costume. He's a Saint Bernard, complete with a barrel for under his chin!
Not sure why he looks so serious here....and excuse the red-eyes. Couldn't make it go away.
Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but I did have fun dressing Quinn up and visiting some of our neighbors. Tonight he had his first taste of candy....M&M's from his treat bag. He had a sugar rush you wouldn't believe. We were letting him stay up a little later to compensate for the time change. He was using the couch like a trampoline and jumping all over and giggling like crazy. Then he crashed!
We had a fun evening together as a family! Quinn walked the whole time and wouldn't let us help him with his bucket. He insisted on carrying it by himself. Mr. Independent! Last year at this time, he was just beginning to pull up on things and preferred crawling.
Trick-or-Treat, everyone!


Diane Teague said...

He can come rescue me anytime. How cute he is. I hope he had a great time. I don't like what the holiday stands for but boy do I love to see the little ones in their costumes. On to Thanksgiving.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Awwwwww...what a cutie! Glad you guys had a nice time!

Heather said...

love the costume. very original!!!

Kim said...

Adorable Doggie! One of the cutest costumes I have ever seen. Kids love M&Ms!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! I love the costume!!