Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Photo Session

I wanted to have our family pictures made for Christmas like we did last year. When I called two weeks ago to get our appointment the only thing they had that fit our schedule was this past Sunday. So I've been using last year's picture as my blog's main picture until now. I just could not get over how stressed I was taking the pictures this year. I guess with Quinn being almost 2 years old made a big difference. Last year, we just plopped him down and that was it. He did great for the pictures by himself, but in all the pictures of the three of us, you can tell he's trying to squirm away.

I cannot believe how much Quinn has grown this year! He doesn't look like a baby anymore. :-(

I know he's got to grow up and be a big boy but does it have to happen so fast?? Take a look at these next two pictures. The first one is Christmas 2008.
Here is Christmas 2009.....see what I mean. He's so big!

Ok, this next picture has a story behind it. I remember from last year, at the photo place, they tried to get Quinn to lay on the floor and look at a book. That was the one thing he wouldn't do, so this year, I hoped he would do it....and I had the perfect book for him to look at.

When I was a little girl, my Grandma used to read a book to me and my cousins called "Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree." A basic plot summary of this book is this: A rich man, Mr. Willowby, gets his Christmas tree delivered, but the tree is too tall. His butler cuts off the top and gives the top to the maid. She uses the tree top but it is still too tall. She cuts off the top, and throws it out. It is then found by the gardener, then other animals. Each time another character gets the top, it it always too tall for their little space, until only the tiniest part of the tree top is left. It is found by a little mouse, who's mouse home is inside Mr. Willowby's home.

My grandmother's copy of this book was printed in 1963 and she let me have the book this year to read to Quinn. And it's in black and white, except for the tree, which is green. So I thought how cool would it be to have Quinn's great-grandmother's book in the picture with him. I still can't believe how sweetly he laid down on the floor to look at this book.

The only thing I do not like about our family picture is that it is on black background. That just doesn't say Merry Christmas to me. But we are all smiling and Quinn is cooperating, so here you go!

These next two I just thought were precious. They had a fake plate of "milk" and "cookies" and a fake "Santa" arm. It was actually just a sleeve and a glove and the photographer's assistant put the sleeve and glove on. Then they crop off the edge so you can't see the assistant.

We had a few more pictures made this day, but these will have to wait. They are Quinn's 2nd birthday pictures...which happens in only 18 days!! Slow down Quinn. Mama's not ready for this!!

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Kim said...

Sweet pictures. Love, Love, Love the special book in the picture. What a treasured piece!