Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Run 2009

Each year at Christmas, our fire department does something we call The Santa Run. Basically, we take one of the big fire engines, some candy canes, tins of cookies, and Christmas cards and go visit all of our retirees and families of current members with small children. This is one of my favorite things that we do. Usually we get one of the "new guys" play the part of Santa. We have our own costume and everything. Some drivers will even decorate the truck with Christmas lights. There are plug-ins on the trucks to run different pieces of equipment, so we have a place to plug in the lights.

Side note: Buddy's first year in the department, he got the "honor" of being Santa...we had to stuff him with pillows. Earlier that year, due to lots of intense fire training, he lost a bunch of weight. We called him "Skinny Santa"!!

Anyway, tonight was the Santa Run. Buddy and I used to ride this every year. A lot of our retirees are getting older and have a hard time getting out, and it was always a blessing to hear about how these guys got our department started. So many have passed away since we have joined the station. Of course, it's always fun to see the little kids light up when they see Santa.

The past two years, though, we haven't been involved. Two years ago, I was pregnant, and Buddy stayed home with me...just in case. Last year, I can't remember why Buddy didn't go, but I know I was home with Quinn. Maybe he had a meeting. But I do remember that by the time the truck came by our house, Quinn was asleep already.

Anyway, Buddy was the truck driver tonight. I asked Buddy to be sure to come by our house tonight, since I have something at school tomorrow night. I wanted to see Quinn's reaction. Buddy called and gave me a head's up as they pulled onto our street. I could see the fire truck's lights from the front door, so I grabbed Quinn and we headed outside. He was a little apprehensive at first about "Santa", and would not let Santa hold him. What's funny is that the guy who was dressed as Santa, Michael, is one of Quinn's favorite guys up at the station. Michael even came to see us in the hospital when Quinn was born.

I did manage to get this picture, though. Quinn would not humor me at all and look at the camera. He was too distracted by the lights on the fire truck. Oh well...better than not getting a picture at all.

It's fun to think, that about 15-16 years down the road, Quinn might decide to join the fire department too. Then all three of us could do the Santa Run together.

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Kim said...

What a neat tradition for the fire department. How special for the families.