Saturday, February 27, 2010

When life gives you 7 extra-large rolls of duct-tape.....

....then use it to tape your co-worker to a wall in front of about 200 screaming children!

That's what we did on Friday afternoon at school. I mentioned in my last post about the generosity of the students at my school. Several of you have asked to see what a person looks like duct-taped to a wall, and my co-worker has graciously said I could show pictures of her on here.
Becky actually attempted to do this two times--once for the Kindergarten, first and second grades; then again for grades 3-5. From what I heard, she was not able to stay stuck the first time. I guess by having already tried it, they knew what to improve on, so the teachers helping to tape her were able to do better for our group! So, here's some pictures. Trust me, Becky had as much fun as it looks like!

To start off, she talked to the children about why we were at the assembly. You can see all the strips of duct tape hanging from the wall. Her helpers were really prepared.

Here she is by the wall where she had taped up the amount of money raised. We did good!

I can't show the pictures of her being taped to the wall, since it shows some of the students. But I'll tell you how they did it. Becky called up all the 3rd-5th graders who had raised the most money individually. A girl in my class raised over $150, so she got to help. She had raised more than any other student. Then they had teachers who had donated $50 or more come and assist, and our assistant principal helped because he's tall! She stood on a stool, and the teachers started out taping across her chest and torso. Then they did her arms individually, and the students helped put big pieces across her legs and down to her feet. She was smiling and joking the whole time. There was music playing in the background and some of the students watching started dancing. Everyone was having a great time!

Ok, here she is right before they took the stool away.

And here she is hanging to the wall! Becky told me later that she didn't have any trouble breathing, but it reminded her of being in her wedding dress. Not because her dress looked like duct-tape! Ha. She said the tape across her torso was like wearing the corset and fitted part of a wedding dress. She just felt very tight and secure in that duct tape.

She ended up being stuck to the wall for about 13 minutes. It was almost time to dismiss kids to the buses, and we had hoped she would stay so all the little kids could see her since it didn't work for them. But, the tape gave way and she slid down the wall. It was still a lot of fun for all of us. No one has ever done anything like this at our school before. Well, we did have a principal a few years ago who cut back flips in the front yard on the last day of school.

Becky is an awesome PE teacher! She always is doing something to keep the kids active and to encourage them to move around. She is always a "guest" on our morning news show to give them a healthy tip of the week. The kids love her, and she's an asset to our school. And I get to call her my friend!


Andrea said...

is it odd that i would like to try and be taped to a wall???? it looks like fun!!!

Pam said...

She sounds like a great teacher, and a great "sport", no pun intended! If I had had PE teachers like her, I might have enjoyed the class instead of dreading it! Way to go, everyone, on raising so much money!

KyleAmandaLogan said...

I love it!! I would love to do that!!