Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Pictures

In my last post, I told you about my Grandmother's 90th birthday and I mentioned we had pictures made. When my parents brought Quinn home from their house (more on that later), they brought me a CD with all the pictures on it. My only regret from this day is that we didn't have more made of just my little group of the family (me, Buddy, Quinn, my parents). Quinn was in a "two-year-old-mood" and would NOT cooperate at all for the pictures.

And before anyone asks, let me just say that all us ladies are wearing purple, and all the guys are wearing orange. We truly are a Clemson Family!

Here I am with my Grandmother. I absolutely love this picture!

Here is the only shot we got with Quinn being somewhat happy.
Here are the four grandchildren....all girls! I'm the oldest, then Ellen (with curls). Ten years after I was born, we added Rebecca (on the right) and then Hannah (the youngest, and tallest!)
I guess you could say these ladies are the closest thing I ever had to having sisters!

The last time we had pictures made together like this was at my wedding....and the girls were wearing purple that day too!

Here's Grandmother and her girls! We are recreating the first picture we ever had made with all of us. Hannah was only a few months old and Grandma held her. Being the oldest, I got to hold Rebecca (who was about 18 months) and Ellen sat beside me. (Yes, Hannah is sitting on Grandma's lap, but she is doing it gently!)

This is of Grandmother and her three children. My mom is on the left. Her sister, my Aunt Linda (Ellen's mother) is on the right. My Uncle Jim (Rebecca and Hannah's dad) is beside Grandmother. And if you know me in real life, this is the Uncle Jim we've been praying for!

And here's the whole group.....Lucky 13! Let me introduce you to everyone else. My Dad is sitting on Grandma's left. Uncle Roy (Aunt Linda's Hubby and another Clemson Grad!) is behind Grandma. Uncle Jim's wife, my Aunt Louanne is behind him. And if you notice, Quinn is pitching a fit! I told you he wouldn't cooperate!

It was so fun to get together with the whole group! This usually only happens for sure at Christmas. Every so often it happens in the summer, but typically someone isn't able to be there. With Aunt Linda and family in Ohio, us in NC, and Rebecca and Hannah still in college, it is hard to get together during the year.
I love my family!!


KyleAmandaLogan said...

Poor Quinn...Why do you have to be so mean and make him have pictures made? :)

Pictures were very good. You are lucky to have a grandmother!! I lost all my grandparents when I was younger...I miss them dearly! Cherish every moment!

Hannah said...

Love the post. we are lucky to have such a great family!

Kim said...

Great pictures (well except for Quinn's uncooperation, he is only 2 though). Loved getting to "know" all your family members through your explanations. What a wonderful time and I know it must have meant so much to your Grandmother.