Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kid's Clothes for $0.38

When I told my Momma about my latest "deal", she called me "The last of the big spenders". I just call myself smart!

I got Quinn 4 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for only 38 cents today! Yes, that's right....38 cents!

There is a thrift store not far from my house that I've gotten bargains from before. They are always running incredible deals, especially around holidays. Back in January, for MLK Day, everything was 50% off, so I got Quinn 8 pairs of jeans for $7.50. On some other holiday (maybe St. Patrick's Day), they had all kids' clothes for $0.99 each. I got him a bunch of summer stuff then.

I've recently found out that this store has a "recycling program". Basically you bring in a bag of clothes, books, knick-knacks, etc, and they look over everything. Then for whatever they keep, they give you up to a $5 coupon. Today I took some things of Quinn's that I didn't want to keep (and that haven't sold in the past few consignment sales), some maternity clothes I found in the back of my closet and a few other things to this store. They gave me the $5 coupon. The "sale" of the day was anything on a blue tag was 50% off. Everything in that picture was on a blue tag except the green shirt. A couple of things were regularly priced at 99 cents and those came up half off too! With tax, my total was $5.38. I used the $5 I earned, and paid them a whopping 38 cents to bring these clothes home!

I only wish they had places like this when I was younger. Momma says maybe there were and she just didn't know about them. I have her to thank for my love of finding bargains. She used to let me clip all the coupons on Sunday. I can remember doing this as far back as I can remember! I did it for my grandma too.

Anyways, I just had to share this bargain!


Andrea said...

Saw it on FB and I was hoping you would blog about it! Where is the store at?????

Heather said...

I love mega thrift. great job on the bargains.I love a good bargain.