Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Potty Talk

Potty training is something I don't know that much about. So when the daycare told me Quinn would start being potty trained in the 2 year old room, I was skeptical at best. I had read different articles that said things like this:
  • Don't push it....wait for your child to show interest.
  • All kids are different and will learn at different rates.
  • The average boy is potty trained between 33-36 months of age.

But at Quinn's daycare, potty training starts in the 2 year old room. And I wasn't the least bit surprised when they told me for about 3-4 months that he "just doesn't seem interested" in going to the bathroom. I knew that!

I figured things would click over my summer break from school, but of course, it did not. As a matter of fact, he often would cry and beg me not to make him sit on the potty. So I quit pushing him. When school started back in the fall, I figured a little peer pressure would help him on this quest....NOT!!

Quinn has been very content to just go in his diaper and not tell me anything. The few times he went I truly think were flukes. We tried M & M's for rewards...could take it or leave it. We tried stickers of "Go Go" (Diego) and "Dori" (Dora) and "WoodyandBuzz" (he refers to them as one name).....couldn't care less.

Around Christmas break, many of his little friends moved on up to the 3's because they were completely trained. Did that inspire, encourage, convince him to go potty? Absolutely Not!

So in January, one of his teachers Miss Michelle, who Quinn calls "Shell" decided Quinn would be her "project". She has stayed on his case about going to the bathroom for over two months now....and I think it is working! He tells all his teachers when he has to go and most of the time he makes it! He is (finally) telling Buddy and me when he has to go while we are at home. We are giving out candies like crazy around here! I think we are finally on track!

Now, if we could only improve his, ahem, aim.....

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