Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get your tissues out because my boy's a heartbreaker!

If you are a Facebook friend or family member (which is 98% of who reads this blog...if any of you readers are still out there), then you have already seen these pictures. However, since this blog is my version of a scrapbook, I will regret it one day if I don't post these pictures.

The daycare had their picture people come out again this past week. Last year they came and brought the miniature Harley. This year's theme was more of an "old-time" look with costumes. I'm glad Quinn's a boy, because what they brought for the girls was not as cute. Anyway.
I love this one the best. You can't beat a close up of his big blue eyes and sweet smile.

Little baseball boy.

When I look at this one, all I hear is "Larry the Cucumber"'s quote from the Veggie Tale video. The one where he plays Minnesota Cuke and the search for Noah's Umbrella.

"It's called a fedora!"

Thank you Lord for letting me be the Mommy of this precious child!


Kristel said...

How cute! He is definitely a big boy now. Sorry Kim, but your baby is growing up- I know you are proud of him, but doesn't it break your heart?

Andrea said...

very cute!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Oh is he CUTE!!!!!! Just wow. Our little school pictures are never this much fun!

Yes, I did see/hear about the big game. I've never been that much into basketball (shame on me) but yeah, that's disappointing. My Aunt and Uncle go to ALLL of the home games and I'm sure they were crestfallen at the loss! :(