Thursday, July 7, 2011


Quinn went to my parents' house for his annual summer trip to Camp Grandma and Grandpa. I went down to pick him up a day early so we could all go on an adventure together.  We visited Hollywild Animal Park, which is located about 15 minutes from my parents.   I went there several times as a child, but haven't been in probably 25 years!  Here are some pictures from our visit.
This is the sign at the entrance. Hollywild started out as a small petting-zoo in the 40s, added more animals in the 70s, and then changed the name to Hollywild in the 80s. Why the name change? Many of their animals have been featured in movies, TV shows and commercials!

They have many animals that just wander around, like this flock (herd??) of geese that Quinn decided to follow.

Quinn was happy to see this zebra, mixed in with several goats.  One of the neatest things about this place is you can buy bags of animal chow and feed the different animals.  One thing our guide mentioned (which I already knew) was that the stripes of a donkey are like our two donkeys have the same pattern!

My dad made friends with this "ze-donk"....a cross between a zebra and a donkey. It has the body and head of a donkey, but you could see the black and white zebra stripes on his legs. The body had faint brown on grey stripes.This little fella was ready for eating and almost made off with my dad's fingers!

We took a bus ride around the park so we could feed the animals. You can see another bus behind ours. These deer are from Europe. Unlike our deer, these deer keep their spots as adults.

This little baby buffalo wasn't quite two days old. It is standing beside its mother.

These are Watusi cattle from Africa. Their horns are really sensitive and we were told not to touch them...but who would want to? Those horns are huge and dangerous!

This is Tank the Rhino. He is one of the super stars at Hollywild. He was featured in a Land Rover commercial. Our guide said that Tank totaled 7 Land Rovers before the director thought that the vehicle had been destroyed appropriately. I bet that was an expensive commercial because Land Rovers aren't cheap!

I said earlier that there were lots of animals wandering around. I probably saw at least 10 peacocks strutting their stuff. One was solid white, but most of them looked like this guy. And I say guy, because in the animal world, the males are the colorful ones! I tried to "flirt" with this one in hopes he would open up, but he didn't. Look at how long the tail feathers are! He would have been gorgeous!

And what trip to the zoo isn't complete without a picture of a Tiger?  You know this Clemson fan can't pass that up!

The only animal I didn't get a picture of was a black panther who is used for a lot of Carolina Panther Football promotions. It was pretty hot and he must have been in the shade. I never saw him.

This visit to Hollywild was a lot of fun. Thanks Mom and Dad (aka Grandma and Grandpa)!

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Andrea said...

This looks a lot like the Lazy 5 Ranch!! Looks like fun!