Monday, July 25, 2011

No picture to prove it, but trust me...

Quinn hasn't used his paci in a month!  And I mean not at all.

Not to sleep with.

Not for nap time.

Not because he had been crying and needed it for comfort.

Not because he was bored and had nothing better to do.

And this from a boy who has been known to hold 4 of them at one time!! I actually saw him get two in his mouth and one in each hand. Usually he had three though, and would interchange them. He would also take the one in his mouth and twirl it every few seconds or so.  He loved his "na-na" so much and I've been dreading this time of elimination.

When we got Quinn packed up and ready to go to my parents for his summer trip, I slipped one of his pacis to my mom to put in her pocket, with instructions to only use it if necessary. He used it in the car but once they got to their house, Mom took it away. At bedtime, he didn't ask for it and she didn't think to offer it. The next day, he didn't ask for it in the morning or at nap, but he did ask for it at bedtime. On the third day, he didn't ask for it all, and it continued throughout the trip. Even when I went down to their house to pick him up, I thought my being there would "remind" him to ask for it....but NO!

I brought him home and wouldn't you know, we had been in the house about 15 minutes and Quinn said "Mommy, I need my na-na." 

Uh oh.

I quickly replied, "You can't have it. We left it at Grandma's house."

Quinn said, "Na-na at Grandma's?  Ok Mommy."

That's it? That's all it took? 

We should have left it there at Christmas!!


Andrea said...

I remember taking the paci away from wasn't hard either...although I still miss seeing my little boy in his diaper with a paci in his mouth, a bear blankie in one hand and a sippy cup in the other : ( Looks like we both were successful at getting rid of habits...I just blogged about Alex and her finger!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...


Sarah used a paci until she was THREE! But I decided I would let her get rid of it when she was ready (within reason of course, I wasn't going to let her go to college with it!). She got rid of it at the same time she decided to get rid of her afternoon it was bittersweet for me!

Kimberly said...

@ Beth....

Um...Quinn is 3 and a half! But he still takes a solid 2 hour afternoon nap...sometimes he'll go longer. So it's not totally bittersweet yet.

Kim said...

Way to go! That's an accomplishment!