Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Geocaching With Quinn

With all the newness of baby Jacob over the past few weeks, we decided to do something fun with Quinn for the day.  He loved it a few months ago when we went Geocaching after our church had a big adventure. But those times he stayed in the car while Buddy and I searched parking lots for the "treasure". When we found them we brought them to the car for Quinn to see.

This time, we wanted Quinn to have part of the adventure too.

Buddy has downloaded the Geocache app to his phone, so he can always tell when one is nearby. He had noticed that a local park had several, so we went there one nice Sunday afternoon.  After a short hike through the woods (and yes, Jacob was there too...riding in high style in the Baby Bjorn), we found the treasure!  Quinn was convinced that Captain Hook had hidden the treasure and we needed to find the gold doubloons. He's a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney, can ya tell?

We had a great time, went on a nice hike, and actually saw 4 deer as we were hiking out!  Can't wait to go on another adventure with my 3 boys!!

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