Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome Baby Jacob!

On March 27th, we welcomed our newest son into our lives. Jacob was born at exactly 10am and was my "sumo wrestler" baby, weighing in at over 8 pounds. Considering Quinn was in the 7 pound range and then lost ten percent in the hospital, Jacob seemed so much chunkier!

And before we could even leave the hospital, Jacob was sporting his first Clemson shirt.  This shirt was actually sent to me by a blog "friend", who I've never met in real life, but grew up not far from Clemson. This onesie belonged to her son, and she mailed it to me for Jacob to use.  Thanks so much, Megan, aka Fried Okra!!

It was so precious to see my boys meeting each other for the first time.  Quinn has been calling the baby "My little Jacob", and already seems so protective of him. When Jacob cries, Quinn lets me know.  He even suggests "solutions" to the crying....Jacob needs a new diaper, Jacob needs milk, Can I sing a song to Jacob?  It is very special to watch these brothers bond.

I am so glad to have two precious, healthy boys and so glad that God chose me to be their Mommy!  I am so heart is overflowing.  I confess, I wondered how I would be able to love two children. My heart was so full with love for Quinn. I even joked with my doctor, if he would mind inserting an extra heart so I wouldn't have to share my one heart with both boys.  But somehow, it feels like my heart has grown!  No two boys were ever loved more!

Welcome to the world Baby Jacob!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting Dad and I share this amazing experience with you. You are so right about how can one heart hold so much love but it can. Mine is overflowing with love for my two Grandsons but especially for YOU who gave me these two preicous boys.

Love you