Wednesday, December 12, 2012

EOTS: Day 20

Thanks to Jingle, Quinn has been getting pretty good reports from school on his behavior. He knows that Jingle hears us discuss his day and he wants Santa to get a good report each night. If you ask Quinn who is proud of him when he has a good day, he always says "Mommy, Daddy, Jingle, and Jesus", so he knows who he ultimately needs to please!

However, yesterday was a different story. Quinn got a pretty bad report of things he did behavior-wise at school. Tuesday and Thursday tend to be the days that he gets a bad note, if he's going to. For some reason, he has more trouble on days he is not in preschool. I guess he gravitates toward the structure of Mrs. James' class, even though he does have a routine on the daycare days at school.

Anyway, Jingle was not thrilled that Quinn was ugly to his friends, so Jingle was a little mischevious last night.  He taped over Quinn's bedroom door so he could not get out of his room. Quinn was very upset when he got out of bed and realized the doorway was blocked.  He said "Jingle, that wasn't very nice. That was ugly."  I asked Quinn why Jingle was ugly, and Quinn said "Because I was ugly at school.  I will do better Mommy!"  And he did!

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