Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh The Places You'll Go.....

.....when you learn to read!

I am so excited that Quinn is beginning to show interest in learning to read. Lately he has been asking me what different words say, whether we are in a store, in the car, or reading a book at bedtime.  He has always enjoyed his "computer" that we got him a few years ago. The games that come on it include an e-reader book. I've even found some book apps for our iPad and he is enjoying listening to those as well.

A couple days ago, he came to me with "Green Eggs and Ham" in hand, and sat down beside me on the couch.  The next thing I hear is "I am Sam....Sam I am....Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?"  And with a little help from me, he proceeded to read the entire book!

What I noticed about this book is there is a lot of repitition.  At first I thought he had memorized part of the book. As he got to the harder words, he needed help with some of them, and then the next time that word appeared, he sometimes stumbled over that word again. That made me feel as though he was truly trying to read the book!  What makes this even more special is that "Green Eggs and Ham" was the first book I learned to read as well!

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Kim said...

Readers are leaders! Way to go Quinn, so proud of you!!!!