Saturday, May 4, 2013

Handy Buddy's Newest Project

Buddy is always up to something....usually a project of some sort around the house.  It might be elaborate, it might just be "tinkering" but he never sits still.

His newest project has been to build shelves in his work trailer. He got this trailer for hauling around his tools (and he has A LOT of tools) but it had no shelving in it. He bought a set of adjustable shelves, but after installing them and trying them for a few weeks, it just wasn't working for him. So instead he bought a few pieces of wood, used some other wood we already had and built custom shelves to meet his needs.  And these pictures just don't do it justice!

This is the shelving unit he bought but even though it was adjustable it just didn't work.

Here are the shelves he built himself!  (And isn't the shelf model a cutie pie?)

I am so thankful I have a husband who is so good at envisioning the completed project and working to get to there. He can fix just about anything and can create just about anything too!  Not many men can do this! So proud of my guy!!

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