Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jacob's First Haircut

Yesterday, we took Jacob to get his first hair cut. 

It was not the torture-fest that Quinn endured, yet I did not get any pictures of Jacob sitting all by himself on the stool. His little curls were all sweetly saved by Ms. Shelly, who also gave Quinn his first hair cut.

My sweet baby boy had another first-time milestone, and I had another "last".   It's bittersweet watching Jacob grow up, knowing that for all practical purposes (unless the Lord has a different plan), this will be our last little baby.  He's walking really well now....running, pretty much, to keep up with his big brother. He even started signing "please", especially when there is food involved!

Today, after church, we had to go by the fire station, and since Jacob was in such a sweet mood, I was able to get some really precious pictures of him with his new haircut.

Jacob was watching the cars go by. This is Buddy's because he is a Lieutenant!

Sweet Jacob!

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