Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

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Today is Election Day. Buddy and I got up early so we could vote before work. There's just something about voting on Election Day that just seems more patriotic to me. I don't look down on people who did early voting or voting by mail...I"m just glad those people voted!! For me, it was all about casting my vote today. This was my third time voting for President and all three have been crazy. The 2000 election was when Al Gore won the Popular vote, but Bush got the Electoral vote. 2004 was the year of the "hanging chads". 2008--I think that unless you've been living under a rock, you know how crazy this one has been already.

My polling place happened to be our fire station. By the time I got there at 6:30am, the parking lot was absolutely full. I actually had to park in the grocery store parking lot that is beside the station and walk up the street just to get in line. I waited for an hour and a half in the RAIN. Luckily for me I was able to grab my umbrella before leaving the house.

At my polling place I actually had to bubble in my voting card...no electronic screens for me. As I was bubbling in my sheet, I prayed that the Lord would take this vote and make it count. All we can do now is pray that the right man gets placed in the White House. Either way, I will be praying for our President and that he will make the right decisions for our country.

Did you vote today? Did you vote early? How long did you have to wait? I'd love to hear about your Election Day.


Kim Harris said...

Ken and I voted today and took Claire with us. We were in and out in 5 minutes. Our polling station had electronic machines. I think we are in for a long night.

Pam said...

I voted by mail two weeks ago. No lines, no stress. It has been interesting today to read about everyone's voting opinions. It had never occurred to me that some people take their kids with them to learn about voting, or that some consider it more patriotic to vote on Election Day. I wanted to vote by mail the second I heard about it. I'm all about expedience, though. I have only voted in one other presidential election, 1996, Clinton vs. Dole. I was living in MA, and voted a straight Republican ticket. Nobody I voted for won, and all the questions on the ballot passed opposite of what I voted. I felt pretty bummed. In 2000 and 2004, we were in Guam, where they participate in the presidential primaries, but not the actual election, so we did not vote.

Andrea said...

I voted early. I wasn't sure if I would have a babysitter on Election Day (with Heather being pregnant and all) and wasn't sure how long the lines would be election day. I prefer to vote on Election Day, it's just something special about it, but it still felt good to vote even if it was early. Brian voted yesterday morning and was in and out in less than 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I voted yesterday. It took Dad about an hour and half and it took me 2 hours. The line wrapped around to the back of the old school which is now a church. We had electronic machines. I've voted in many Presidental elections but this one was by far the most important one. I hope every one will keep praying for the new administration.



Anonymous said...

I VOTED!!!!!!!!!

i voted when i was home for fall break. me and becca waited in line for about 45 minutes... but it was totally worth it...

i did enjoy all the college kids getting in fights over status tuesday night. it was rather entertaining.

personally my status read hannah lunny is moving to Australia whos with me?
i thought i was cleaver... lol