Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Weekend

We found out late on Thursday night that Buddy's dad would be in town this weekend and not traveling for work. We decided to take advantage of this, and headed to SC for a quick trip.

We had a lot of fun visiting with them. A lot of people apparently have trouble dealing with their spouse's parents, but not me! Buddy's mom and dad are wonderful people, and I always enjoy getting to spend time with them. When introducing me to others, they call me their "fourth daughter"! It's a nice feeling.

So anyway, we got to their house on Saturday and just hung out for a while and ate lunch. Quinn had fun playing with some toys that his Nana and Papa had gotten him on their trip to Germany. We also took some time to go to a store that had a large selection of CLEMSON shirts and sweatshirts. (Since we now live in the middle of Wake Forest, Duke, NC State, and UNC fans, we can't have enough CLEMSON stuff.)

The highlight of our trip was dinner on Saturday at the Rio Grille. This is a Brazillian style restaurant in downtown Greenville. Mr.Staton had eaten at this type of place on a business trip to Brazil last summer, and when he found out a similar place was in town, well, he wanted us all to try it.

You pay one price, and you can choose items from the salad bar (mostly pasta and bean salads) and then you get all the meat you can eat. Seriously! The waiters and waitresses come by with slabs of meat on this long skewer that looks like a sword. They announce what kind of meat it is, and if you want some, they slice it off. You get a small set of tongs with your silverware, and as they slice the meat, you use the tongs to put the meat on your plate. If you continue to want some meat, you take your coaster and turn it to the green side. If you want to take a break, or if you are finished, you turn your coaster to the red side.

They brought around chicken drumsticks, chicken filets and beef filets wrapped in bacon, sirloin, flank steak, scallops, tuna steaks, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, and grilled pineapple with cinnamon. Let me just say, that if you leave this restaurant hungry, it's your own fault!!

If you would like to see more about this restaurant, click here.

After we ate dinner (thanks for treating us Mom and Dad S), we went for a walk around downtown Greenville. When Buddy and I were dating, we came here a lot. There is lots to do, and since we've moved to NC, there is even more going on. We are definitely going to have to come back here in the daylight. I didn't get any pictures, because it wouldn't have done the town justice in the dark. Maybe I can get some pictures when we go back at Christmas.

We are back from our relaxing time at Buddy's parents' house and are already looking forward to our next visit! Thanks for a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

i love downtown greenville its my favorite :]]

you rebecca ellen and i should all go down at christmas and take pictures...
of course quinn and buddy can come too. lol

how is my little quinn doing???? does he miss his hannie? i'm sure he does!


Pam said...

I love downtown Greenville. I used to drive through it going to the school where I student taught. It is so pretty down there.

Heather said...

Wes' company he works for took us to a Brazilian restaurant a couple of years ago. If you love meat,which we do, it is something to try. Glad you had a great visit!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry we were out of town and missed you over the weekend. You should take a look at A man that lives downtown posts a new picture each day. His photography is amazing. I have it on my favorites list.

I miss all three of you!
Aunt L

Kim said...

I am glad you had a such a nice trip. What an interesting restaurant.
I always get a kick out of seeing the the 3 of you in your coordinated Clemson attire.