Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Dog Named Charlie Brown

Buddy's mom (Quinn's Nana) came to stay a few days with us this week. It was a wonderful visit and we had a lot of fun doing "girl stuff" like shopping, and also playing with Quinn (of course!). It ended up being too hot and muggy to do things outside like we had hoped, but it was still a fun time.

When Nana called to ask if she could come, she told me she would need to bring Charlie, her new dog. I said that would be fine, and he could play with our dog.

Meet Charlie.

Charlie has a great story of how he became a part of the family. Buddy's mom and dad were at Walgreens one day and when they came out of the store, they saw a Shih-Tzu dog running through the parking lot. This story is on a busy stretch of road, so they, being dog people, grabbed the pup and began checking him for a collar, name tag, etc. Finding nothing, they went back into the store to find out if any customers were missing their dog. No one claimed him, so they took him home, after leaving their phone number with the store manager in case someone came back later to claim him.

The next morning, they took him to their vet to check for a microchip identifier. At this point, they were beginning to think that they could potentially be adding a new dog to the family, so they had the vet check out the dog's health and get a round of shots. Then they took him to the groomer to have him washed and de-matted. He was pretty grimy, Nana said. They decided against putting a "found a dog" ad in the newspaper, to keep random people calling and claiming a dog who didn't really belong to them. Instead they checked the "lost dog" ads every day in hopes of finding his owner. They also went back to the Walgreens a couple of times as well.

That was about two or three months ago. Buddy's parents have not read any ads that sounded like this dog, or had any calls from the store manager. They had no idea what the dog's real name was, but they have decided to call him Charlie, since he has brown sections on his fur. (They have another Shih-Tzu, named Archie, who is the same color, except gray where Charlie is brown. Archie is about 12 years old, Charlie is about 2).

This is pretty much all Charlie did at our house. Unless Nana decided to go somewhere, and then he followed her wherever she went. Charlie has become very attached to Buddy's mom. Based on his behavior at my house, someone somewhere had taken very good care of Charlie.

How could anyone abandon this cute little face?

Come back soon Charlie Brown. Quinn misses you!


Diane Teague said...

How did he get along with your dog??? He is a real cutie pie.

Andrea said...

i want another dog so bad, someone to play with the one we have right now, but brian says no way!! i'm just hoping for the day i find a sweet little lost puppy to claim for my own. and if that doesn't work i'm going to secretly get one and just say "i found him, stranded"!!! think that will work? ; )

charlie is cute!!