Friday, August 14, 2009

Last Day of Summer for Me

Today is the last day of summer for Quinn and me. School starts for teachers in my county on this coming Monday. What a summer it has been! Quinn took his first overnight trip without Mommy and Daddy. We took our first family vacation to the beach. And we had lots of fun as family. The best part for me was being able to be home with Quinn and enjoy have lots of Mommy/Quinn time. Yesterday I took Quinn to have his 18-month portraits made. (Yes, I realize he is 19 months old now, but you know how it is...) I was amazed at how many of the pictures captured exactly how I felt this summer was....a summer of discovery.

I tried to teach Quinn how to wink. As you can see, he doesn't realize he should only shut one eye!

He's definitely got a curious side. Quinn wants to know what things are and is very eager to explore and check things out.

He has a sense of humor. He loves to laugh and can even make others laugh. Over the summer, he realized that he can "blow zerberts" on my tummy like I do on his, and this sends him into fits of giggles.

Ok, this one is just for cuteness. We were trying to get him to put the shell up to his ear, but he wanted to smell it instead.

He loves to play peek-a-boo, or any other game that helps him interact with others.

Since I am not in a position to be a full-time, stay at home mom, I am thankful for a job as a teacher, which enables me to be able to be home with Quinn more often than if I had a job in the business world. What other job gives you approximately two months off in the summer, as well as extended times off at Christmas and in the spring, along with various days off here and there. Without these break times, I would miss out on so much.
Like the other morning when he signed "more" and "please" during breakfast. Or when he folded his hands to pray when I gave him his food. Or hearing him tell our dog "no no" when Tillman tried to beg from Quinn.

So for now, we are just cruising along, enjoying the last weekend of summer. I can't wait to see what he learns at school this year.

I can't promise you there won't be tears on Sunday night, or even Monday morning when I drop him off at daycare. I can't promise you there won't be times when I will dread going to work and just wishing I could stay home every day. But I can promise you that I will never, ever regret being Mommy to this sweet little gift that the Lord has entrusted me with. I am so blessed to have this child in my life, and I can hardly wait to see what he will grow up to be!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog. Quinn is so sweet and is growing and learning more each day. I was thrilled this week when he actually "talked" to me on the phone. I can't wait to see him again and thanks for letting us be part of his summer vacation.


Pam said...

What a cutie! Great pictures!

Heather said...

Love the pictures!
you have a wonderful job that allows you to teach children and make this world a better place. You have such a great opportunity to impact children's lives. The school system needs more Christian teachers like you. I am extra proud of you!

Andrea said...

love the pictures!!

and don't you worry about crying...i've got to send mine to school on wednesday and for some reason this is even harder than their very first day of preschool. this is the third time for me and i must say, it's not getting any easier : (

hope you have a great school year!

Kim said...

Love his pictures, they are really good. I am glad you have had a nice summer praying for you as you begin this new school year.