Friday, August 21, 2009

The Hodge Family Update--July/August 2009

I'm a bit behind in posting my usual update on my friends, The Hodge Family, but that's because I just got my email update. They were wrapping up their first trimester at Language School. I can understand their delay, as they were studying long and hard for their finals. I remember those days in college and I was studying things in English. How hard it must be to study things in a language you are just beginning to learn! They finished up on August 13th and are now enjoying a two-week break from school and a visit with Amanda's parents.

Michael and Amanda both have a chance to get extra practice with their speaking by way of new friends. Michael's friend is a national, and Amanda gets together with another student. How nice to have friends willing to help you learn! Their children have been enjoying care packages from home, which include some of their favorite candies, which are hard to find in Costa Rica. Their son just celebrated his 6th birthday.

Here's how you can pray for the Hodges.

1. For their rest and relaxation during their school break.

2. For recently graduated missionary families who are leaving for their countries of service. The newsletter didn't mention specific names, but that "God would know".

3. For new opportunities for Bible study groups.

4. For God's comfort when the times of separation are tough, especially for the children.

5. For the International Mission Board (IMB) to be good stewards of their 2009 funds from the Lottie Moon Offering.

You can find out more about the Hodge Family here. As always, they appreciate your prayers.

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