Thursday, June 24, 2010

A visit to Nana and Papa's

Buddy's parents (Nana and Papa) have recently "retired" and moved to the same town as Buddy's sister, Quinn's Aunt Kristel. I wrote about her here and here. His parents moved down back in the early spring and stayed with Kristel for a few weeks until they could find a place to live. We haven't been down to Kristel's since last fall, and due to Buddy's work schedule we haven't had a chance to go down this spring. A few weeks ago Buddy mentioned he wanted to go see his parents, so I thought that would be a good Father's Day present for him.

Here is Nana and Papa's new/old house. This house was definitely built a long time ago, judging by the way the door knobs and locks on the bedroom doors looked. But it is quite cozy and they really seem to enjoy it. Check out that nice front porch, and off to the right is a screened in porch as well. You can barely see the sidewalk in front of the house (left bottom of picture), and that sidewalk leads right into downtown. And coming out of the screened porch is Nana and Charlie.

Their backyard property line ends about 50 feet from a town park. The park has a baseball field, walking trail, and this cool playground! You can't really tell in this picture, but behind the playground, they are building a water park, where water squirts up out of the ground as you walk around. Quinn loved this playground, as you could probably guess. You can see two kids in the picture. Quinn is on the far left in orange, and his cousin David is in the middle in blue.

Quinn was able to climb up into the playground, and to the top of this twisty slide. He had so much fun sliding down. I think this was his first time on a twisty slide, so that really made him happy!
It looked like so much fun that even I had to give it a try. (So did Buddy, but the picture was too blurry to post!) The young man behind me is Kristel's oldest son, Trey. He is a super big brother, and is helping Nana and Papa this summer by cutting their grass for them.

We had a lot of fun at Nana and Papa's this weekend. We mostly just hung out with them and went into "town" to a few stores. But mostly this trip gave Buddy a chance to relax and recuperate after several months of busy times at work. Don't you think he looks relaxed and happy?


Angie Tullock said...

Glad you guys had a good visit. And yes, he looks very happy and relaxed!

Kim said...

I am glad you had a great trip! When I return from the beach you and Quinn should join Claire and I for a pool playdate!