Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birds, you are no longer welcome here

It is very disturbing to go to your dryer to get out the clean, dry clothes, and instead find a pile of warm, still soaking wet clothes. This is what I had to deal with on Thursday afternoon.

I had put some clothes into dry while I was getting ready for work. I heard it cut off, but didn't take time to switch until I got home. That's when I realized the clothes were still wet. I turned the dryer on again and heard it cut off later on, but still too soon for the clothes to be completely dry. Buddy thought maybe we should change the flexible vent tube off the back of the dryer. I bought the supplies, he did the hard work and Friday we tried it again.

The dryer turned on, the clothes spun, and when I checked they were still wet. At this point I began to panic. I did not want to buy a new dryer. We are trying to become debt free, and a new dryer is not in our budget! :-)

This time we did some checking into the venting system. We had suspicions that there were birds nesting in the part of the vent that is on the edge of the house. We could see nesting material sticking out the of the vent cover. Buddy got in the attic and used a broom handle to push out all the nesting material. We also cleaned out the rest of the vents too. You would not believe the size of this nest. It probably went about a foot down the pipe! It was completely clogged. No wonder the clothes weren't drying.

The dryer is working perfectly now! Thanks to my husband's hard work, and despite his crazy schedule these days. Love you sweetie!

(P.S....two bird eggs were harmed in the fixing of the dryer vent....oh well. I'd rather two bird eggs broken, than the dryer. Do you know the cost of dryers these days? I bought the supplies to fix the dryer at Lowes, and the dryers I saw were in the $800 range! Sorry birds, but you wore out your welcome.)


Pam said...

Your power bill will probably go down too because your dryer will run more efficiently!

Andrea said...