Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I Did On My 30th Birthday

Yesterday was a wonderful day. First of all, I have to comment on the weather. If you live in my town, you know how beautiful it was yesterday. For those of you who don't live near me, let me just say it has rained off and on for about two weeks or so. Yesterday, the sun came out and it was a clear, blue sky with hardly a cloud in the sky. I think the Lord knew I needed to see a pretty day. Someone at church told me I should have a birthday every day, if that's the kind of weather we will have!

The day started off with Buddy and Quinn giving me cards, each with a sweet message written inside. I guess Quinn told Daddy what to write down! Then my two favorite guys took me to breakfast, since Buddy was not able to take me out for supper. We came home and I did some things around the house and then Quinn and I did our usual Saturday morning trips to the grocery stores.

While Quinn napped in the afternoon, I debated cutting the grass, since it was dry (finally) and a nice day. I decided not to, saying, "I will NOT cut the grass on my birthday." I should not have listened to myself and cut the grass anyway, since today, it rained hard early in the morning, causing the grass to be too wet to cut.

Some friends at church found out that, due to certain circumstances, I would be spending my big birthday evening by myself, so they got together and took me out. One friend, Kim, who is my pastor's wife, and her sister Jenn, even arranged for Quinn to stay with their mom and Kim's daughter Claire. So not only was I getting to go out with girl-friends, but I didn't have to be a mommy!

We met at Olive Garden, which is one of my favorite places to eat. My friend Alycia, who's son Alex is Quinn's best friend, also came, along with two other girls from church, Kelly, and Elizabeth.

This balloon was on the table. It was big enough that I think the whole restaurant could see it, and big enough that when I got it home, my dog Tillman was scared of it. (He's only 10 pounds and the balloon is bigger than him).

We all ordered our meals and we had lots of "girl talk" at dinner. Did you know you can order the "lunch portion" during dinner hours at Olive Garden? The portion is much smaller, and a few dollars cheaper, yet is enough to fill you up. After we finished, all the waiters and waitresses came to the table to do the typical sing-happy-birthday-and-embarrass-you-in-front-of-everyone thing that most restaurants will do. But our waitress took it one step further and ANNOUNCED to the restaurant that "Kimberly is turning 30 today. Raise your hand Kimberly so we can all see who you are!" I about died! But after that we got to eat this yummy cake!

It was decorated in orange, since I am such a huge Clemson fan. I love the flower, too. Here I am with the cake.

The girls had all signed a card for me. The individual messages were all very sweet, but it was the verse on the card that really hit home. It just further impressed on me my new take on becoming 30. The card said "Some birthdays are more meaningful than others because they remind us of where we've been, what we've learned, and where we've yet to go...." I know that my 20s brought so many good things into my life. I am excited about what the 30s will bring.

We had originally talked about going to PF Chang's, a Chinese bistro restaurant, that Kim has talked about so many times. Buddy really wanted to go there too, so I decided to wait and go when he could come too. When I opened my gift, it was a gift card to....PF Changs!! I already know when we will be using this....for our anniversary coming up in June.

Kim, Jenn, Kelly, Alycia, and Elizabeth: I had such a wonderful night! Thank you all for such a fun, friendship-filled evening. If I couldn't be with my husband or other family on my birthday, I can't think of 5 other people I would have rather spent the time with! You girls are AWESOME!! I am so thankful that the Lord has brought each one of you into my life. While I love my husband and am thankful for his friendship as well, there's just nothing like having good friends!

(L to R: Kelly, me, Kim, Elizabeth, Jenn, and Alycia)


Angie Tullock said...

Happy Belated 30th Birthday. I had not checked in with the blogging world until this morning so I missed your birthday! Forgive me please. Glad you had a good time with friends since your husband could not celebrate with you on that day. What a Blessing!

Anonymous said...

Aren't girlfriends the greatest? I can't imagine life without them! I'm glad you had a great night out.

Love you,

Kim said...

It was a nice evening out. I enjoyed helping you celebrate your 30th birthday! Embrace each year it only gets better from here!

Heather said...

I am so glad you had a good birthday. Girl time is the BEST!!!I can't wait for what our 30's will bring us either.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I love me some PF Changs! I have a coupon for free lettuce wraps. I think it expires sometime in June and I won't be able to get there before then so I'll email it to you. You have got to have the lettuce wraps. They are tasty!

Elizabeth said...

I had lots of fun with all of the girls. And as you said, it was nice to get away and not have to worry about your child. We will have to make it like a monthly thing or something! Hope you had a great 30th!

kschase said...

I am so glad you had a nice birthday. You have some wonderful friends in Winston. I got tears in my eyes just reading about the sweet time you guys had. I thought about you all day, but was afraid to call for fear of waking Bud or Quinn.