Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Bargains This Week

I found some incredible deals this week and can't help but share them with all of you.

First, let me explain the green beans, since the clear Mason Jars makes it pretty obvious I didn't buy these in a store. My parents are here for the weekend. They have a pretty decent sized garden and usually grow a lot of green beans. My mom and grandmother spend many days during the summer canning beans. We have done this my whole life....I cannot stand the taste of green beans bought in tin cans at the store. Anyway, I had run out of beans, so Mom brought me 6 pints and 6 quarts, making the beans FREE for me.
Ok, now let me talk about the deals I got this week. The groceries were bought at Food Lion, so all the sale prices I mention are for this store. (If only Food Lion did double
Kraft Salad Dressing: 16 ounce bottles. Regular price $2.62 each.
On Sale 3 for $5, making them $1.66 each. I had 3 coupons for $1.50 off.
Final price......$0.16 each!!
Kraft BBQ Sauce: An 18 ounce bottle marked 55% more....actually makes it a 28 ounce bottle. Regular price $1.69.
On Sale for $0.99. I had a $0.75 coupon. Final price.....$0.24 (Would have been free if FL did double coupons.)
Kraft Cheddar Cheese: Regular price $2.85.
On Sale 2 packs for $4.00, making one pack $2.00. I had a $1 coupon.
Final price....$1.00
Tyson Chicken Patties: Regular price $6.99 per bag.
On Sale for $3.99 a bag. I had a $1 coupon.
Final price.....$2.99 per bag.
I bought other groceries, but these were my best deals this week.
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Heather said...

We do the green bean thing too. I hate the taste of the store ones too. My grandma hates snapping them. So we snap, she cans. Fair deal!
Thanks for the heads up on salad dressing.I've got some of those coupons I believe.Olivia has been sick, so i haven't had a second to do coupons this week.

Anonymous said...

Love any canned food!! We got the same deals with Kraft dressing and BBQ sauce! Today we also got 8 packages of hot dogs for $1!! I love getting great deals!

Angie Tullock said...

Thanks for the shopping tip and I will visit the Money Saving Mom site.

Anonymous said...

You are such a great shopper! I usually clip the coupons then I forget them at home. In the future I have to do better. Know you all will enjoy the green beans. Love ya!MOMS