Monday, May 4, 2009

Hodge Family Update--April

Here is an update on my friends, The Hodge Family.

They have safely arrived in Costa Rica! After being commissioned at the end of March, they returned home to South Carolina for a few weeks of fun and fellowship with family and friends. Alexis was baptized by her father, Michael! They were able to attend services at their home church and also do some speaking with various groups to help gain support. They even attended a service in Spanish.

They arrived in Costa Rica on April 27th. They will be studying at The Instituto de Lengua Espanola in San Jose, Costa Rica. They will be here for the next year. Michael and Amanda will be in Spanish classes 5 days a week, while the children go to school and learn Spanish in addition to their regular academic subjects. They have been paired up with another couple who will serve as their Big Brother/Big Sister. I thought this was a great idea. Who better to help you know what to expect than people who have already been there for a while.

Last week they had their Spanish Language assessment tests to determine how much of the language they already knew. They also visited the Costa Rican version of Walmart, Hipermas. Did you even know there were Walmarts in other countries? I didn't. You can read all about their adventure here. They also visited an outdoor fruit/veggie market and attended their first official church service in Spanish. The kids are pretty sure they learned about Moses!

And that was week one in Costa Rica. Looks like the Hodges are in for a lot of fun and adventure on this leg of their journey.

Several of their monthly prayer requests have already been answered, since they had to do with safe arrival in CR. The family does ask that you pray for the loved ones they have left behind in the United States, who they will not see for a long time. Also pray for the other 9 families that have also made the journey to Costa Rica.

To follow the Hodges journey, you can use my sidebar, or click here. They appreciate your prayers!

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