Friday, June 19, 2009

Walgreens Paid Me!!

Walgreens paid me to take some items out of their store. How did that happen, you might ask? Well, let's just say I earned more money in Register Rewards than I spent.

Here's how I bought the items in the above picture.

Transaction #1: St. Ives body wash. $2.99
Had a $1.50 coupon, so that's 1.49, tax making it $1.69.
Earned $3 in Register Rewards on the St.Ives body wash.

Transaction #2: Suave Shampoo and Suave Conditioner. St. Ives body Wash.
Suave products were $1.99 each, buy one, get one 50% off.
$1.99 + $1.00 + $2.99
Had a $1.00/2 Suave coupon, and a $1.50 for St.Ives.
Total cost plus tax: 3.87.
Earned $3 in Register Rewards

All total, I spent $5.56. I earned $6.00 in Register Rewards that I can use between now and some time in July. I call that a sweet deal. Hopefully they will have a sale on diapers soon, and I can really maximize my savings.

Special shout-out to the cashier at Walgreens who deliberately rang up my purchases so she could save me some money! She actually said "Let's ring this up differently so that you can get a better deal!" WOW. Not often do you have a cashier so willing to help you score bargains.


Pam said...

Great job, Kimberly!

Did you and Buddy like the pretzels?

Lisa said...

How nice to have such a wonderful cashier! I really feel sorry for the ones who seem to get mad that I am saving money.