Monday, April 25, 2011

Heaven Is For Real!

I went to Barnes and Noble on Saturday with Buddy and Quinn. While I was looking for a couple of books to get Quinn for Easter, I noticed a book on the shelf called Heaven is For Real. I have read other books about people who say they had been to Heaven and came back, as a result of a car accident, coma, etc. This one struck me as different because the person who went to Heaven was an almost 4-year old boy.  Being the mother of a boy practically the same age, it definitely caught my eye. I had to have this book.

I started reading it in the afternoon, and read off and on the rest of the day, finishing the book about 9pm. I could not put this book down. Without giving too much away, the main plot of the book is that a young boy gets super sick from undiagnosed appendicitis and has to have an operation. During his operation he goes to Heaven. A few months later, in conversations with his parents (his father is a pastor) he begins to reveal things about Heaven, Jesus, and God that no child would have learned in a Sunday School Class. At first his parents aren't sure what to think, until he begins to reveal things about his family that happened years before he was born. He describes family members they way they looked in their younger days.

The part of the book that hit home the most for me was when Colton (the little boy) tells his parents he has two sisters. They say, "No, son, you only have one." And he tells them, "But what about the baby that died in Mommy's tummy? I met her in Heaven." You see, his mother had lost a baby before Colton was born, and he met his sister! His mother had miscarried at 2 months, and didn't even know if the baby was a boy or a girl. This was the part that made me cry, because I instantly thought of my own little Heaven baby.  I may not know what he or she would have looked like here on earth, but that baby will know who I am!

I've always wondered what Heaven will be like. What will we wear? Who all will I see there? I mean, I know certain family members and friends who have accepted Christ as their Saviour, but who will I see that I didn't know was a Christian. Will there be animals there? What will Jesus and God look like? What will it be like to have understanding about things that we don't understand here on Earth? 

This book was an incredible read and has definitely given me another reason to look forward to Heaven!  I highly recommend this book. If you believe that Heaven will be your home, it will increase your excitement!

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Kim said...

My friend Leann was too very moved by this book and recommended it. I will have to put on my summer reading list.