Sunday, May 22, 2011

My 200th post = A New Stove

A week or so ago, I realized that some of the eyes on my stove were not working properly. I would turn on the eye and it would heat up and all, only to begin to shut off in the middle of me cooking. This just seemed like a fire hazard waiting to happen.  I mean, it just wouldn't be right for the fire department to come to our house....the station that would be first on the scene is the station we volunteer at!

So Buddy decided that I should have a new stove / oven as my late Mother's Day/early Birthday present.  I checked all the local department stores that sell appliances and found the one I liked; then compared stores to see where I could get the best price for what I wanted.  We ended up at Home Depot on Friday afternoon with the perfect stove in mind, only to be told "We don't keep these in will be 3-5 business days." Ugh. But the saleslady was nice enough to check in the back "just in case" and low and behold found ONE stove on the top of a big shelf in the back room....and it had a sales flyer attached to the box advertising it for $50 less than the sign on the sales floor said!  Woo Hoo!!

By Friday night, I was cooking supper on my new stove. 

It is so nice, with the smooth top! I no longer have to worry about pulling the eyes out and cleaning/changing those little catch pans anymore!  The only catch is I have to use a special cleanser on the stove top. 

The oven is much bigger than the one I had before and I love that the door has a window into the oven. I didn't have that before.

And the best part is that we didn't have to wait for any delivery people so show up or install it. Buddy was able to do all that himself.  Thanks sweetie for a gift I will use for many many years to come!


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a great stove!! Happy late Mother's Day/Early Birthday to you!

Kim said...

What a nice stove!!! I love having a flat top and you will too. I really don't think they are that hard to keep clean.