Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quinn's Artwork

Although Quinn turned 3 back in January, he did not get to move up to the 3-year-old class at daycare until April.  One reason was that the class was full and he had to wait until some kids turned 4 and moved out. The main reason was that he wasn't potty-trained yet.  That is all behind us now though.  Well, let me just say he is a champ at #1, but can't seem to get the rest in the toilet. Here's hoping we can get a handle on that part before he starts preschool.

I just were expecting a post about Quinn's art work, not his potty abilities. Sorry I got a little side tracked. Anyway, in his 3 year old class, he has been doing more arts and crafts than he did in the 2s.  I took a picture of his latest projects to share.

The first one is a cute little bird that he made.  Quinn put the feathers on himself!

The next one is the card he made me for Mother's Day.  Mrs.Tina, his new teacher, told me he did the stem, leaves, and the flower decorating himself. He showed her where he wanted everything to go.

I am so looking forward to when he starts school this fall and all the little projects he will bring home!

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