Wednesday, May 23, 2012

K-3 ShowOff Night

Quinn's first year of preschool has ended, but not before he and his classmates had a chance to show off all that they had learned this year.

(I apologize in advance for the horrible condition of these pictures. My camera made everything look orange, Buddy's iPhone gets grainy when you zoom in too much....but it's better than nothing!)  I really need someone to help me take better pictures inside our church...anybody out there have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong??

Back to Quinn's night.

Quinn was allowed to hold the flag during the start of the program! All the children from each of the 3 classes were on stage together and recited The Pledge Of Allegiance and sang "My Country Tis of Thee."

After that, the other two classes left the stage and Quinn's class did their show.  They counted to 50, sang several songs and said little rhymes and poems that were part of their morning routine. The other two classes had similar programs.

Quinn really enjoyed "school" this year. Every morning when I would wake him up, he asked "Mommy, do I have school today?"...even on the weekends! He always wanted to know if it was a "Mrs. James" day.  Mrs. James is his K-3 teacher and hopefully he will have her in the fall for K-4. She's been teaching preschool for the past 24 years and she does an amazing job.  Quinn has truly loved being in her class and he has learned so much. Many times he would come home from school telling me some kind of story or something I had never heard him say.  I would ask him "Quinn, who told you that" and he would quickly reply "Mrs. James did!"

Thank you Mrs. James for loving my son and teaching him so many things!  He has learned and grown so much this year and I know it is because of you!

And to quote Quinn's last song of the evening....
"This is my special day, special day, special day. This is my special day....I'm moving up to K-4!"

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Anonymous said...

Great post. So glad he is learning so much.

Love you Quinn