Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jacob's 2 month update

Jacob turned 2 months old on May 27th, and today we went for his check up.

His stats were:
Length--23.5 inches (68th percentile)
Weight--13 pounds 5 ounces (82nd percentile)
Head circumference--16 inches  (82nd percentile)

For comparison purposes, Quinn was only 12 pounds 8 ounces, but was over 24 inches long at his 2 month checkup. 

Not much has changed in the "milestone" department yet, although he has more head/neck control now; less of that "wobble head" baby issue!!  One thing he has learned to do is sit up in his Bumpo chair and share those precious, gummy grins!

While he may look very similar to his brother, Jacob is definitely his own person, complete with his own personality, quirks, etc.  He's a little more fussy than Quinn, who was content to just chill out where ever he was. Jacob tends to let you know "vocally" how he is feeling, especially when he needs milk or a new diaper!  Sometimes he even has his afternoon grumpus, where he just whines or scrunches around for seemingly no reason. I wouldn't say he's colicky, since these grump sessions happen at different times of the day, and not for long periods of time.  But when he gives smiles at me, it just melts my heart!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet post. Just love my newest grandson.