Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Biggest Loser--Week Three

Ok, I just realized I didn't update last week. Sorry about that.

Week one I lost 2.2 pounds. Week two I gained a pound.

Today, I found out I lost 3.2 pounds! WOOHOO!!!! Don't know my percentage because the teacher in charge of our weight had to leave right after weigh in to take her son to the doctor. But who cares? I lost weight!!

I am so excited about this. While I had purposed to work out and exercise over my spring break, the constant cold rain just did not motivate me. I stayed inside and cleaned my house instead. I scrubbed baseboards. I did some heavy-duty mopping. I did about a million loads of laundry. I played with Quinn a lot.

I also had Buddy's parents here for the weekend (more about that later), and we usually go out to eat. Then there was the Easter Egg hunt (more about that later). Not to mention the temptations to snack just because I was at home.

Regardless, I made a conscious effort to do better. I consider this a success!


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

So that's a total loss of 4.2 pounds! That's awesome!! You may inspire me to try to drop a few pounds before bathing suit season!

Anonymous said...

Good job. Keep up the good work. One day you might get back into those size 1 and 2's you wore in high school.

Love you


Kimberly said...

I doubt I will ever be that small again....but I would love to be back to my pre-Quinn days (or slightly less....)

Here's to the numbers continuing to drop!!