Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Update on New Year's Goals

Another month has come and gone. I can hardly believe it is April already. I say bring on Spring! March brought beautiful snow, warm weather just a few days later, and off-and-on rainy yuckiness. C'mon Spring!
Here's how I did in the month of March.

1. I have finished reading Leviticus in my Bible. I mentioned last time what a struggle reading this book was, but I figure you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. I also read through Numbers. Thank goodness I was reading these silently. I can't begin to imagine how you are supposed to pronounce some of those tribes' names, and people's names. And we think people to do come up with some hard-to-pronounce names! They've got nothing on those children of Israel! Look it up....and on to Deuteronomy!

2. Being a better wife and mother is something that I think all of us women struggle with daily. I've really enjoyed reading a blog written by Tiffany, whose husband used to be our youth pastor. She has been writing about the Proverbs 31 woman, and that really ministered to my heart.
I have taught Quinn how to "help" me
do the laundry...
"load" the dishwasher...
and "sweep"

He loves to be near me while I'm doing whichever chore is currently on the list of things-to-do...hopefully he will still find it fun when he is older.

Financially, we continue to improve. Thanks to Dave Ramsey and FPU, we are continuing to make headway. We haven't paid anything else off completely like we have in the past, but our big money days are done for a while. We had Buddy's end-of-year bonus and tax refunds to help in January and February. Now we are using what's left over so it will be slower for a while. But we created our first "Dave" budget and started our envelope system. Can't wait to let you know how this goes at the end of April.
(In case you are wondering, here are our envelope topics: Food (groceries), Out to Eat, Diapers, Gas, Clothing, Kim's Blow money, Buddy's Blow money, Mother's Day, Kim's Birthday, and Easter).
3. The school version of Biggest Loser is going OK. I had a week where I lost and a week with a small gain. I'm home on spring break right now, so I am trying to eat healthfully and have been working all over the house. I wonder how many calories you burn for scrubbing down bathrooms and lifting baskets of laundry?
4. I'm continuing to be able to grade papers at school and have less to bring home. This gives me more time to spend with Quinn and Buddy. This has been the easiest one to do so far! I can't wait for the summer months when I can "forget" about this goal for awhile!
Do you even remember the goals you set for yourself 3 months ago? I think this is the first year ever that I remember what goals I wanted to complete. It's not too late for you to re-resolution yourself!


Diane Teague said...

If the scrubbing the floor thing works for you, I have some you can use to lose weight. Oh those everyday things. It seems that you are really getting things together and staying on track. Keep it up. By the way where is Buddy's birthday envelope?

Kimberly said...

His birthday isn't until August. Mine is in May. We'll get him an envelope later on...I promise :-)

Kim said...

Cute pics of adorable Quinn. I am glad you are doing well in many areas of your life. Thanks for sharing, it was an encouragment.

Megan said...

Cute pics of your little guy. Keep up the great work!