Monday, March 9, 2009

Here Comes The Sun....Here Comes The Sun

I find it so hard to believe that this time last week we were enjoying the beauty of wintry snow, and this weekend, we’ve enjoyed the beauty of spring! If you ask someone their favorite season, they can usually tell you in seconds which of the four is their favorite.

I cannot. I don’t have one. I like them all, for various reasons.

Summer was always fun as a kid because it meant beach trips, swimming at my aunt’s pool (the cement pond) and vacations from school. As an adult, I find summer to be relaxing and a break from work, one of the many perks of being a teacher. Fall is my “New Years”. It’s the start of school…meeting the new students. I love that first day when you have to put on a light jacket. I love to see the trees change color and the crunchy sound of the leaves. I like winter for the hope of snow, the crisp, brisk feel to the air, and celebrating the birthdays of my son and my Saviour.

If I had to pick a favorite, though, Spring would be it! I know we are still about two weeks away from Spring, but if you ask me, it is here. These past few days of 70 degree weather, after the snow of last week, has just been heaven.

We took Quinn on his first outing (of many in the future) to the park. Well, technically, it’s not so much of a park, as it is a playground at a nearby church, but we still had a lot of fun. My parents and grandmother had come up for the day, so we all went to play.

Here is Quinn and Buddy at the top of the “kiddie” slide.

So we tried to let him slide down the slide on his own, but he kind of toppled forward. I don’t think he realizes you have to hold yourself up…remember he’s only 14 months old! Needless to say we did not get a picture of the first trip down the slide. This is attempt #2. See that Buddy is still holding onto his arm…

Quinn decided he wanted to be Evil Kneviel and try to walk up the slide while I was trying to take pictures. Thank goodness Grandma came to the rescue!

Then Quinn found the tunnel under the slide. He liked crawling through, but did not care for landing in the mulch. He would hold up his mulch-covered hands and whimper.

Look at that grin…this boy loves to play!

At this point the “little kid” inside Buddy came out, and he decided he wanted to slide down the “big” slide, and he took Quinn with him.

We played for quite a while and had so much fun! Mom, Dad, Grandma, and the three of us all went to lunch. It was such a great day to spend outside with my family. I hope for many more fun days like this.

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter….
Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces…
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right….

**Lyrics by The Beatles**


Anonymous said...

What fun we had on Saturday. It was such a joy watching our little man enjoy his first playground experience. Grandpa and I decided when he comes to SC for his visit, we are going to take him to the "Kids Planet" in Greer (a big play ground). We always love the times we get to spend with you, Buddy and Quinn.

We love you all.

Grandma (Mom) and Grandpa (Dad)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

That sounds like a wonderful day!

Kim said...

Loved this post with the sweet adorable pictures of Quinn enjoying himself. His smile gets me everytime!

Anonymous said...

soo here come the sun is my favorite song.
i wake up to it every day. and found it quite ironic that you used it here. i am glad you had a good day with quinn grandma and everyone else.
love youu


Andrea said...

I LOVE the sun and warm weather. I've had my windows opened during all this warm weather and it got me in a cleaning mood!! I hate to disappoint all the spring/summer lovers, but cold weather is coming back...boooo!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great day. I only wish we could have been at the playground with you all. I miss seeing you three.

AL (Auntie Louanne)