Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Biggest Loser---Week One

We had our weigh-in for the Biggest Loser at school on Tuesday.

As luck would have it, I actually lost 2.2 pounds!! I say luck, because I didn’t do a thing to help myself in the “lose weight” department. I cut back on my snacking and that was about it. I didn’t work out at all.

Two pounds lost is still two pounds lost. I’m two pounds lighter than last week. This would be 1% of my weight, if you want me to be specific. We are doing this by percentage of weight lost (like the show) since no one weighs the exact same amount. I was not the “biggest loser” of the week. That would be our school secretary who lost 5 pounds this week.

I am definitely motivated now. If I lost 2 pounds by doing nothing, imagine what I could lose if I DID SOMETHING??

I’ve already walked over a mile this week. Long story short, but I walked one of my students home from school on Tuesday. It was a little over a mile to walk to her house and back to the school. I guess if I’m going to walk anymore this week, I’ll either need to bundle up and take an umbrella, or else turn into a duck. I think I’ll just pull out some workout videos instead.

I appreciate everyone’s encouragement while I try this. I may not have as much to lose, but it’s still something that is important to me.


Diane Teague said...

Great job even if it wasn't any work. I want to lose weight also but so far I haven't given up eating anything or exercised. I think you have inspired me to start.

PS I did not know teachers walked their students home from school. What a great teacher you are to do that.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!!!!!!! 2lbs a week is good and helps keep it off. Keep up the good work.

Love you


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Two pounds is a lot! Keep up the good work!

Kimberly said...

As for me walking this child home...that is not normally part of my job description. This child stays after school for tutoring but it was cancelled this week. We couldn't get her mom to the phone and she only lives a few blocks away. Another teacher and I walked her home and then walked back to the school.

Heather said...

You have to start somewhere. What a better way to start to not have to have even been trying!

Pam said...

Way to go! I renewed my weight loss effort the same time you started your program. I am going to a weight loss Bible study on Monday nights. You are welcome to come if you want (and that invitation is extended to any reading). The scale they used the first week wasn't working right, so they bought a new one, and it showed I stayed the same after a week, but showed I lost 2 pounds on the old scale. They decided to take back the new scale and go with the old one. I decided that the easiest way would be for me to count calories, keeping it to 1200/day. I didn't exercise the first week and was really good about my eating, but this week I have done my exercise video twice so far. Woo! Let's do it!

(For any of you who don't think I need to lose weight, I am trying to lose 17 my rear end! I am very small up top, but I have quite a bit of junk in the trunk!)

Kimberly said...


Seeing you write out the words "junk in the trunk" made this post totally worth writing!

Kim said...

Kimberly, I am proud of you!