Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hodge Family Update--January and February

I’ve been waiting to update you all on the Hodge Family, mostly because their computer malfunctioned during their first week at Orientation! But now they are up and running again, and were finally able to send out their newsletter. So here is what they’ve been up to.

At the end of January, they moved up to Rockville, Virginia, to the International Missions Board Training Center. They have been attending classes and trainings to prepare them for the missions field. They have heard testimonies from other missionaries. Their children are able to attend school during the day while Michael and Amanda go to their different sessions. The family took a trip to Washington DC, since they are so close to the Capital City.

Most recently they had to deal with “SHOTS DAY”. Apparently there are several rounds of shots they all have to get, and as everyone knows, kids are not big fans of shots. So to make Shot Day more enjoyable, the kids get their faces painted. It must work because neither Alexis nor Jarrett cried!

Here are some ways you can pray for the Hodges:
1. Continued good health while at Orientation
2. Continued growth in their walks with the Lord
3. Contingency Training: will train them to deal with hostile situations while on the missions field
4. The 100+ children who are on-site, as they begin to understand the calling of God on their families
5. The directors and staff of the Orientation Center

Thank you for following the Hodges’ Journey. I know they appreciate all the prayers!

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Kim said...

Cute idea - painted faces for shot day.