Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quinn's New Friend

Quinn has a new friend. This friend will only be able to talk to him in his imagination. This friend can easily go (almost) anywhere that Quinn wants to go. And this friend is as cute as can be.

Meet Harry the Elephant.

We were at a store the other day and they had this cute display of all different “beanie-baby” soft toys. I thought they were all cute, but we let Quinn pick. I held up several of them, and this is the one he took out of my hands, held up to his chest and hugged! It was so sweet, and we decided this little guy must come home with us.

So far, Quinn is not “completely” attached to him. Meaning, if we go somewhere and forget to bring Harry with us, Quinn doesn’t go into panic mode. But if we hand him over, Quinn will take him everywhere.

To play at the musical table….
….or for a walk around the living room….

….or for a ride on the tractor….

And Harry is always Quinn’s cuddle bug at bedtime.
I think Harry is here to stay!


Kim said...

Harry is adorable and I love the pictures of he & Quinn playing together.

As I have shared on my blog we have "friends" at our house too. Harry & Quinn will have to come for a playdate with Claire & George :).

Andrea said...

Awwww, Harry is cute!! : )

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

This post makes me miss my kids at that age. Quinn is so cute!