Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love consignment sales!!

Before I became a mom, I had never been to a consignment sale. In fact, I wasn’t really sure what one was. We never went to one when I was growing up (as far as I know). I don’t really do the yard sale thing either. I was pleasantly surprised last year at both the spring and fall consignment sales at my church, when I was able to buy 75% of what Quinn would need for fifty bucks or less!

I found out this past Friday that my church was not having the spring sale. I guess most of the ladies in MOPS knew about this, but since I’m not in that group, it came as quite a shock to me. I was counting on stocking up for Quinn’s spring and summer needs. Luckily, my friend Kim (who happens to be my pastor’s wife), mentioned that another local MOPS group was holding a sale at a different church, that was also nearby.

So I went Saturday morning, and look at what all I got!

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but I got 6 pairs of shorts, 4 shirts, a sweater vest, jeans, khaki pants (baby GAP), navy pants, and 2 complete outfits (shirt, shorts combo) for $32.00!
About a week ago, my neighbor across the street brought me a huge bag of clothes. Her friend’s son outgrew some things and she gave them to my neighbor. The clothes were too small for her son, so she brought them to me.

The bag had 2 pairs of swim trunks, 8 t-shirts, 2 golf-shirts, 2 button-up-collared shirts, khaki pants (Ralph Lauren), and green corduroys. All these were FREE!! The only problem is the sizes are all 2T and 3T, so it will be a while before Quinn gets to wear these.

I love being able to buy what my son needs at a fraction of the cost. He doesn’t know the difference, and I have the satisfaction of knowing I didn’t pay more than about 2 or 3 dollars for the whole outfit, especially since he will either stain it or outgrow it in a few months anyway!


Kim said...

Good job! I am glad you were able to do so good at the sale this past weekend. Also, you can't beat free clothes too from your neighbor.

I forwarded you the info. about the other sale coming up at Bethesda UMC.

Andrea said...

I LOVE consignment priced clothing, it does feel good buying clothes at a great price. I must warn you though, when Quinn gets to the age of 5 it's extremely hard to find little boys clothes.

Heather said...

My kids don't mind hand-me-downs. Every time I lay Eli's clothes out for him, he says who's was this? He knows mommy doesn't shop at the mall and anytime he grows out of something he says "we need to go to a yardsale". Funny how a five year old can be frugal too!
It is yardsale season again Yeah! After I went to the same consignment sale this weekend I went yardsaleing and found Eli some shirts for .25 each.

Pam said...

We shopped at that sale too, and got a few things. We will be selling at the Bethesda one since it is really close by.