Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today was a different sort of day

I think today could go down as one of the more stressful days I have had lately.

For the past almost 2 weeks now, Quinn has had this cough. More than clearing his throat, yet not quite the "barking seal". It started out sounding like the kind of cough you get when you have that dry spot on the back of your throat. The same kind of cough that would normally have me hitting the bottle of Nyquil. His cough was only at night. Over the weekend, it turned into an all-day type of cough. Yesterday, he was practically inconsolable at daycare and coughing his head off all day and all night. We decided he would be going back to the doctor today. (Keep in mind...I took him Friday to the walk-in clinic, and on Saturday to PrimeCare).

While I love my job, being a teacher makes it very stressful to try to get time off. In an office situation, if you need to be off, you walk out the door, knowing the work will be there when you return. As a teacher, no matter which age group you are working with, you can't just walk out on these kids. You have to prepare lessons for the substitute, arrange for a sub to cover your class, etc.

I went to school today, having already prepared some "emergency substitute plans", hoping to get Quinn an appointment at some point today. I was able to get a 2:15 time slot, which was perfect. I worked it out so that an assistant from another class could cover mine. After arranging all this, the doctor's office calls back. "The doctor has decided he wants to leave early today so can you come in now?"

Bring on the stress. Now I've got re-group and change all my plans around.

(Now I don't need anyone telling me that if I just stayed home I wouldn't be dealing with this. Trust me...the devil tells me this everyday. Today was definitely a day that he beat me down with this phrase...all....day....long. But like Pastor said on Sunday, this is what I've been called to do right now, and no one could do it better than me.)

Long story short, I was able to rearrange coverage for my class and was able to get Quinn to the doctor. Looks like we are dealing with a combination platter here. He's got a sinus infection which has started to settle in his chest. This is causing him to wheeze a little and accounts for the cough. Because of the wheezing, the doctor administered a breathing treatment right in the exam room! I know this is a routine type of thing, but it's not routine for Quinn. He did not enjoy this at all.

We came home with antibiotics for the sinus infection,and a nebulizer and albuterol for breathing treatments. Looks like we will be giving him breathing treatments at home for about a week or so. Luckily this is a medication the daycare is allowed to administer, and the director's daughter has to deal with this, so at least she will know exactly how to do this for Quinn.

Quinn's already in bed for the night (he's been down about an hour) and I have only heard him cough a couple of times. Please pray that these treatments will help him to get rid of his cough and will help him to breathe better. Anyone who knows Quinn knows he's not a fussy child. I can't stand to see him so miserable.

This is how I prefer to see him....he's my precious boy!


kschase said...

So sorry the little guy is not feeling well. Hope he feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Kimberly. I know its the most difficult thing in the world when your baby is sick, but you will get through it. I'll say an extra prayer for you and Quinn.

Love ya,

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Quinn - poor little thing. Hopefully the treatments will start working soon.

And I would also like to say that I hope no one tells you that you should be staying at home. I am sure you have spent lots of time praying about this and considering all of your alternatives, so please don't let anyone try to make you feel bad about a decision I am sure you have struggled with and labored over.

And finally - I have to commend you for being such a dedicated teacher. My son's teacher has missed so many days - probably close to three weeks or more over this school year and it is very upsetting to me and many of the other mothers who have approached me about what we should do. ARGH!! I understand teachers have issues too but three plus weeks - shouldn't we at least be getting a note home addressing the reasons or at least trying to help us understand the situation??

Kim said...

We are praying for him. You are a GREAT Mom and teacher!

Heather said...

I hope Quinn feels better soon.
I am right there with Beth on I hope no one makes you feel that. I think one of the most important jobs next to being a mommy is a teacher. And you are BOTH!!! Not only are you touching Quinn's life daily, you are raining the next generation. The school's need more mommies like you:o)