Monday, April 13, 2009

Quinn's mailbox has been full lately.

Quinn must be the most popular boy in town. He got 2 packages in the mail last week!!
The first one was from my aunt and uncle. Uncle Jim is my mom's only brother and is very special to me. He lived with Grandma before he got married and I can remember sitting at the kitchen table with him, having graham crackers and chocolate milk, before he would go on a date with who would soon become my Aunt Louanne.
They sent this big box.

It had lots of paper stuffed inside, which Quinn took great joy in pulling out and leaving it all over the kitchen. Each little present was wrapped individually and he had fun opening each one as well.

As you can see, he got several gifts: a pack of chubby crayons, a board book, a wind-up toy of an Easter bunny on a track hoe, a frog holding a carrot, and the best of all...Noah's Ark Easter Eggs! Each egg is "egg-shaped", yet is molded to look like a lion, elephant, monkey, bird, etc. Quinn has had fun playing with these. The cutest thing for me, though, was the card. You see, I call Uncle Jim and Aunt Louanne, UJ and AL. They signed the card G.U.J, and in Great-Uncle-Jim, etc.

But, like his momma, he liked the bubble wrap the best!

Quinn also got a package from Grandma and Grandpa (my parents).

He was quite excited to see that he got TWO videos. One was a Baby Praise DVD (very similar to Baby Einstein but with Praise and Worship songs...Thanks to Kim and Claire for getting us hooked!) and also a VeggieTales video.

Quinn wanted me to tell G.U.J, G.A.L, Rebecca, Hannah, and Grandma and Grandpa a big THANK YOU for his Easter goodies!!


Anonymous said...

We're glad our package finally got to him. We were getting worried that it would not make it in time. It give us so much joy to see pictures of him excited about his mail. You'll need to send us the last picture of him so I can get it printed.

Love you


Anonymous said...

You are so great! Thanks for posting the pictures. We were talking about you all the other day and UJ said "I NEED to get my hands on that boy! I think its time for a road trip." We miss you so much!

Love you


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

That's quite a haul! Looks like lots of good stuff!