Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hodge Family Update--June 2009

This is my monthly update on my friends, The Hodge Family.

June was an exciting month for the Hodges, mainly because some family was able to fly down to Costa Rica for a visit. Michael's mother and grandmother made the trip and they all spent several days together. They went to the Sarapiqui River and also did a tour through a rain forest. Sounds like fun to me! His mother also brought some fun treats from the USA, like Reese's Pieces, no-bake cheesecake, and Bisquick! I'm sure when you are in a country where these things aren't common-place, it's easy to get excited about them.

Michael and Amanda continue to take Spanish classes and endure the dreaded tests, while Alexis and Jerret go to a more laid-back summertime Spanish class, which is more like day-camp than school.

Here are their prayer requests for this month.
1. Language acquisition and retention of what they are learning.

2. Safety as they walk to and from school each day.

3. That they will continue to grow in their knowledge and love of the Word.

4. Efficiency of time management. While they have their homework from language school, they each also have assignments to complete from their mentors.

5. For the International Mission Board to be good stewards of the funds they received in 2009 from the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. (The IMB is the group that has sent them out as missionaries).

As always, the Hodge Family appreciates your prayers. You can link to their blog from my list, or just click here.

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