Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Grandpa's Garden

Hi everyone. It's Quinn again, here to tell you more about my trip to SC.
My grandpa has a big garden. In fact, he has two gardens. One is big, and the other one is even bigger! He grows all kinds of vegetables in this garden, and he also grows grapes called Muscadines. While I was at his house, he showed me his gardens.

Here we are in the small garden. This is where all the green beans are planted.

This is another shot of the small garden, and the green beans. The two rows where we are standing already have green beans big enough to pick. The two rows behind us are more green beans. Grandpa grew them at different times so they wouldn't all come in at once. Pretty smart, huh? The big bushes on the right side of the picture are the tomatoes. Do you see the grassy area near the tomatoes? On the other side of the grass is the bigger garden. And behind that are the grape vines.

Now we are in the bigger garden. This is where the squash are planted. I got to eat some squash one night for supper. It sure tasted fresh! We even found some squash to pick while we took the pictures. Grandpa even tucked one into his shirt pocket!

Here are the cucumber plants. I didn't get to try any of these, but Grandma said they were good. Do you see the tomato in my hand? That also came from the garden too. I was so proud of this tomato that I carried it in my hand the whole time. Grandma is just glad I didn't squeeze it and make a mess!!
(Do you see the dog in the picture? That is Mommy's dog. She is a poodle and her name is Desi. Mommy got her for her 16th birthday. Desi turned 14 last week! She's an old dog.)

Well, that's the end of the tour of Grandpa's garden. We took a bunch of pictures, but some didn't turn out like we hoped. Oh well, Mommy says that happens sometimes.
This last picture is of me swinging on the big swing. Do you see the white house behind me? That's the house that Mommy grew up in. She moved there when she was 5 or 6 years old. That house belonged to my Great-Great-Grandparents! Do you see the big tree in front of the house? Mommy remembers when her dad planted that tree!
That's all for now. I still have to tell you about the park we went to. Thanks for reading! Love, Quinn


Anonymous said...

Quinn must have forgotten that he did try a cucumber. He wasn't feeling well that day but he did eat a small piece. Seems to have like it pretty good.

You're doing a real good job telling about your vacation trip to SC. Come again real soon!!!


Pam said...

Makes me want to visit too!