Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For!!

This is my 100th post!! Wow. Seems like only yesterday I wrote my first post.

In the grand tradition of blogging, I am now going to entertain you with 100 things about me. Yes, this may be a longer post than usual, but I hope you will hang in there and make it to the end.

1. I am a Christian….saved at the age of 9.

2. I have been married since 2003.

3. Buddy and I met on a blind date in 1997.

4. I have a son Quinn who is 18 months old.

5. I have a dog, Tillman, named after Tillman Hall at Clemson University.

6. I am an only child.

7. I have been to Germany and Austria as an exchange student in highschool. I lived with a family and went to their school. Their daughter also stayed with us for 6 weeks.

8. I have met one celebrity in my life....Ian Zering, the guy who played Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills 90210.

9. I am a NC certified EMT and volunteer at a local fire department..

10. I once helped perform CPR in the back of the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

11. I was in the Colorguard in highschool and was captain my Jr and Sr years.

12. My favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

13. I would love to one day visit places like England, Ireland, and Hawaii.

14. The house I grew up in belonged to my great-grandparents.

15. I would love to be on the show "The Amazing Race". I think I could do this!!

16. My son was the first boy born on my mom's side in 50 years. Her brother was born in 1958, all the grandkids are girls. I'm the only married or with kids so far.

17. When I was little I had a tabby cat named "Tabby"....very original, I know.

18. I do not drink soda. I never have. In my entire life.

19. I have taught 5th grade for the past 6 years.

20. One summer my church youth group went on a missions trip to Carolina Beach. I had to dress up like a clown and do skits.

21. I own all 10 seasons of FRIENDS on DVD.

22. I am a CLEMSON TIGER through and through. I went to my first football game at age 3. I am a very loyal fan of my Tigers.

23. My grandma taught me how to cross-stitch when I was little. I still like to do it, but rarely have the time.

24. My grandma also got me hooked on Days of Our Lives when I was little. She said I didn't have to take a nap if I was quiet during "her stories".

25. I love to iron. Yes, it's true. I don't know why.

26. I am peculiar about how the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher. Maybe this is why Buddy doesn’t help me as much.

27. I have a baby who lives in Heaven.

28. I once fell going UP the stairs.

29. I love taking pictures….I wish I had taken photography classes in high school.

30. 5 of the people I grew up with at church and I all got married the same summer. It started in May and ended in July, with weddings almost every weekend. It was very cool to go to all of our weddings.

31. When I was 13 I won $85 in one of those money machines at a carnival at my mom’s work. You get inside and the air cuts on and money floats around and you have to catch it. Just before the machine cut on, I saw a fifty and a twenty dollar bill sitting together. I grabbed those first.

32. I haven’t been to the beach in 12 years. Yes, I said 12!! But I’m fixing this problem in a few weeks!!

33. I have been to Disney World 3 times….all three times were school field trips! Once was in 5th grade (all the safety patrols were sent as a reward), the other two times were in high school. The marching band was chosen to march in parades during Disney Magic Music Days.

34. We went to the Poconos for our Honeymoon. We had one of those hot tubs that looks like a champagne glass in our room.

35. I have “sisters” thanks to Buddy. He has 3 older sisters, who all make me feel like I’m one of them!

36. We have 2 nieces and 5 nephews.

37. My parents and Buddy’s parents have been married over 30 years each. That’s almost a rarity these days.

38. My first job was at Wendy’s.

39. My second job was at a certain store that has a “Secret”….yes, it’s true!

40. I once got stung by swarm of yellow jackets. I had about 9-10 stings on my legs. Luckily I’m not allergic!

41. I’m old enough to remember when there weren’t things like CDs or Email, or Internet.

42. I’m young enough to remember when all these things came around!

43. I took piano lessons for 6 years when I was little.

44. I also played the clarinet.

45. I don’t play either one now…..

46. I have never broken a bone.

47. I had jaw surgery my senior year of highschool. I was wired shut for 8 weeks and could only eat liquids. This happened at Christmas time, too. My senior portrait and my graduation portrait look like different people. That’s how much the shape of my face changed. (This was medically necessary, not plastic surgery!)

48. I used to collect Beanie Babies. I’ve got some very, very old ones. Maybe I should sell them on Ebay. (Do people still buy these?)

49. I have been to Lake Erie, on the Canadian side. It was summer and the water was freezing, but I went in anyway. I was about 7 or 8 years old.

50. Ok, halfway through = Most embarrassing Moment. It was an away football game and the band was performing the halftime show. Our colorguard uniforms that year were dresses. At some point, we did this move where you sweep the flag behind your head. The pole got caught in my dress and as I moved the flag up, my dress went over my head. So there I stand, on the 50-yard line, dress completely up, and that’s when someone shouts my name….great….

51. I was almost trampled after a Clemson football game. We had just beaten our biggest rival, the SC Gamecocks, and all the students rushed the field. I tripped and fell but some huge guy grabbed me before I could get completely down.

52. I rode a moped while at Clemson. In real-life, a moped equals a DUI conviction, but on a college campus, a moped equals never having to walk across a huge campus again!

53. (It was actually Buddy’s moped, but he picked me up and took me to class!)

54. I did not have a date for my senior prom. I went with two of my best girl friends. We got dressed up, went out to eat and had the best time!

55. I got picked for jury duty the summer I turned 20. I was Juror #2. We put a guy in jail for 25 years for manufacturing cocaine. The guy was 21. He’s not even halfway through his sentence yet….

56. It took me 3 tries to get my driver’s license.

57. The first try I backed into a mailbox. That lost me 8 points. You could only lose 5 points and pass.

58. The second try, the instructor failed me but wouldn’t tell me what I did wrong.

59. Third time was the charm….

60. My first car was an 89 Ford Tempo. I nicknamed it SPOC….Stupid Piece of Car. It was always falling apart. But it was my birthday present the year I turned 16….perks of being an only child.

61. I only have one grandparent still living: my grandmother on my mother’s side, who I’ve mentioned many times on this blog.

62. Both my grandfathers had died by the time I was 6. My mom’s dad I don’t remember at all. My dad’s dad I barely remember. I can’t wait to see them both in Heaven one day!

63. Sometimes I talk in my sleep.

64. I am not crazy about storms with lots of thunder and lightning.

65. I love to read. Always have.

66. I have been inside this castle

67. I was crazy about New Kids on the Block back in the day. I had the posters, the bed sheets, you name it. I even went to their concert when they came to Greenville.

68. I used to be great at roller skating. I even had my own speed skates!

69. I have had 4 dogs in my lifetime. Boots (lab/shepherd mix), Desi (toy poodle), Tillman (miniature pinscher), and Brady (golden retriever).
70. Quinn was 5 days overdue.

71. I had to have an emergency c-section to get him out.

72. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain….I have had 2 surgeries in my life (jaw and c-section) and never needed pain meds.

73. I remember watching the Challenger explosion on TV when I was in first or second grade.

74. I do not like to ride roller coasters.

75. I do not like to watch scary movies.

76. I won first prize in a Halloween costume contest when I was younger. I went as a California Raisin…complete with big sunglasses and white gloves.

77. I once wanted to be an interior decorator. I used to sit with the big Sears Catalog and pick out furnishings for each room in our house. Then I would calculate the totals for each room.

78. I busted my chin open in gym class in 6th grade. I needed 6 or 7 stitches.

79. My parents and I had a favorite Chinese restaurant when I was growing up. The owners got to where they “knew” us and would start our order as soon as we walked in because we always got the same thing!

80. When I was in Germany, I toured the Nazi Concentration Camp in Dachau. It was a very sobering experience.

81. I wish I could cook without using a recipe. I’m just not that creative in the kitchen.

82. I am scared of spiders.

83. One of my most favorite movies is The Princess Bride. I bet I could almost quote the entire thing.

84. I am a morning person. Buddy is not. This is a problem sometimes.

85. There is nothing better than a nap on a rainy afternoon!

86. I have never been to any type of professional sporting event.

87. I once grew my hair almost to my waist. Thank goodness I don’t do that anymore!

88. Our house is nicknamed “the holiday house”. We found our house on Christmas Eve. We made an offer on it on New Year’s Eve. We closed on Valentine’s Day!

89. I can’t go anywhere without someone telling me “You look like _____” (Fill in the name of some random person that they know.) This even happened to me in Germany.

90. I love Mexican Food. I could eat it every day.

91. I always order a chicken quesadilla, and it must be facing a certain way on my plate before I can eat it…..weird, I know.

92. I hate it when people misuse words. Example, “This food is to hot.” Too hot. I guess that’s the teacher in me.

93. I also hate it when people use the wrong punctuation. Example “The boy’s are brothers.” Just because it ends with an s doesn’t mean it needs an apostrophe!

94. I love to watch reality shows---Amazing Race, Survivor, and American Idol are three of my favorites.

95. I would love to have a British accent. It would be brilliant. ;-)

96. I once told my students that I really did have eyes in the back of my head. They believed me! Hee hee

97. I graduated college magna cum laude, with a GPA of 3.7. Not trying to brag, but I worked really hard for that!

98. I have never been farther west than Birmingham, Alabama.

99. I hate to scrub the shower. I’ll do it, but I hate to do it.

100. I have an obsession with pens. I love pens. If you have one that writes great, don’t let me borrow it or I’ll probably want to keep it.

There. I’m done. This was a really hard thing to do. Some of these I was struggling with. I know this was a long post, and I appreciate you sticking with me. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me. Feel free to comment on anything you found interesting.


Angie Tullock said...

Love the post. I'm still 40 post away from my hundredth. Oh, well, it will give me something to look forward too. (did I use too right?)

Diane Teague said...

I also have been to that castle (Neuschwanstein) and Dachau. Love love loved the trip.

I am glad you did this. I love learning more about you.

Andrea said...

We have some things in common...I want a British Accent too!!!! Me and my aunt are AlWAYS talking British when we have family get togethers and it's annoying to everyone else!!! I would do mine for you, but I'm not..sorry! : )

Very interesting post, I learned quite a bit about you!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Talk about keeping your Mom in the dark, I never knew that you wanted a British accent!!! I'm really proud of all the things you have done in your life. I have three favorites 1. When you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior 2. When you gave us Quinn and 3. Your graduation from Clemson. I am so proud of you and love you so much.


Ashley Beth said...

Wow! I feel like I know so much more about you now! I want to make comments, but I am typing on my phone right now. It will have to wait until I am on a computer.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Great post! What wonderful little tidbits of info about you1

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... I think you left one off of the list... your tiny little boney behind that would wiggle in between your favorite uncle and his girlfriend. You know it is a family legend. HAHAHA I stilled liked you then, but I love you now. :) A.L. (and I love your list)

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to tell how you learned to spell "enclclopedia". About the words to and too: In a town near Conway,SC, there is a sign beside the highway that tell you there is local farm produce "too blocks ahead". I loved your post. Your Dad

Kim said...

Love this post!!! Thanks for sharing.

Let's apply to go on the Amazing Race together, that is my favorite show.

Heather said...

I enjoyed learning about you. I'm not good at punctuations, I'll admit. If you ever see to and too in one of my post it is a typo. Grammar was my favorite subject in school.
Wes graduated cum lade (sp?) too with a 3.8...surprising if you know Wes at all:o)

Pam said...

My soon-to-be BIL calls himself a "Grammar Nazi" and that would describe me too! I've been seeing people using "sale" as a verb a lot lately. For example, "I have a car I want to sale." Not sure how that one came about.

Loved your 100 things. You and your parents have much to be proud of, and I am glad you are my friend!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blogs and this one was especially neat. You are inspiring me to start a blog. So glad that you are in our family!!
Love MOM S

Anonymous said...

loved your post. :) think you forgot about your almost birthday twin though. haha.
love ya!